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Steeler Nation Staff Picks Favorite Steelers Game They’ve Attended

Paul Lindenfelser / Southcreek Global

Steeler Nation Staff Picks Favorite Steelers Game They’ve Attended

Every Pittsburgh Steelers game that a fan is able to attend is special. There is something so memorable about the experience. From the tailgate, to pregame warmups and the game itself. I have a specific game that comes to mind when I think about my favorite Steelers game that I have ever attended. I was curious about what game sticks out to the staff here at as well, so I asked a few to share their thoughts.

Starting with myself, it’s a no brainer.

December, 2008: Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

The day began with a Ravens fan inside the stadium attempting to drop a full beer on the head of either myself, my dad, brother or friend as we stood outside will-call. Next my friend who tagged along dropped his terrible towel and five seconds later when we turned around to grab it, it was ripped in half. This was all worth it after Ben Roethlisberger found Santonio Holmes in the end zone with :43 left in the fourth quarter for the first touchdown of the game. This win would prove pivotal for the Steelers to capture the division title. The Steelers would go on to beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at home and win Super Bowl XLIII. There was something so sweet about watching the Steelers win in the last minute on their division rival’s home turf.



Bill Washinski has fond memories of a playoff game in the mid-90s.

January, 1995: Cleveland Browns at Steelers

“There hadn’t been an atmosphere in Pittsburgh or Three Rivers like that since 1979. 12-4 record and legit best defense in football. City had highway lane signs with a Steelers theme and fans chanted “Here we go Steelers” at the end of Penguins games. The stadium had a whole generation packed with Steeler Nation turning stands into a sea of Terrible Towels for 1st time in 15 years. Then they simply handed the Browns a 3rd loss of the year. It was a dominant performance from start to finish. The Browns fans trash talked all week and were shut up. That team should have been in Super Bowl… that first year of Blitzburgh was something special to watch,” said Washinski.


Matt Papiernik experienced his favorite game when he was present for an in-division game as well and his explanation was rather simple.

December, 2005: Cleveland Browns at Steelers

“What more could you ask for on Christmas Eve than a 41-0 Steelers win and James Harrison body slamming a Browns fan? It also helps that the win helped the Steelers get into the playoffs and make their run to Super Bowl XL,” said Papiernik.



Brandon J. Wallace went with a road game like myself.

October, 2015: Steelers at San Diego Chargers

“A Michael Vick led Steelers team banned together to take down the Chargers in San Diego. The stadium was literally 70% Steelers fans and it felt more like Heinz Field than it did Qualcomm Stadium. Down three, the game came down to the final play where then running back Le’Veon Bell rushed into the end zone with no time left on a gutsy but amazing call by head coach Mike Tomlin. Never seen a walk-off rushing touchdown at the end of regulation before. I was pumped,” said Wallace.

Le’Veon Bell barely got the ball across for the game-winning touchdown. (ESPN/NFL)


Ben Michaelian was the only one to go with a Steelers loss, but for very good and sentimental reason.

December, 2010: New York Jets at Steelers

“The Jets beat the Steelers 22-17 in a tough game on a cold day. But it isn’t my favorite game because of the score, but why I was there. My Uncle Paul, who is a huge Steelers fan, invited me to the game, which was my first. We had a great time on the North Shore and spent the whole weekend together. Fast forward to today, my Uncle Paul is fighting cancer and I may never be able to go to another game with him. So when you think of your favorite Steelers game, don’t think of the score, but who you were with. Without the Steelers, those memories wouldn’t be possible,” Michaelian explained.


Do you have a favorite Steelers game that you have been at, #SteelerNation? Let us know in the comments below!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dallas L Black Sr

    August 8, 2021 at 12:05 pm

    October 24, 2010: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins

    First, let me say, I’m named after my Great Uncle and no, I’m not from, or ever lived in, Texas. Born(1967) and raised just north of Pittsburgh, I’ve been a Pittsburgh fan(Steelers, Penguins AND Pirates) all my life. I now live in Florida and every chance I get to go to a Pittsburgh game I do(usually with a crowd of 15-20 family and friends). This particular day ended up being one of the best games we’ve ever went to. Down late in the 4th quarter, Big Ben dives into the end zone(with the ball crossing the plane) and an apparent touchdown. We go crazy in the stands. Miami fans were VERY UPSET, cursing and pointing, etc. This is what happened next…1) Upon further review, the touchdown was taken away and Miami fans were still pointed(but now taunting) us(Miami fans thought they recovered the football so they thought it was a turnover). 2) According to the replay, the refs couldn’t determine who recovered the ball so it was awarded to the Steelers on the 1/2 yard line and we(Jeff Reed) kick the winning field goal. This, in turn, shut the Miami fans up and we walked out victorious. SOOOO SATISFYING!!!! LETS GO STEELERS!!!!

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