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Steelers Fan Spreads Ashes at Heinz Field: Steelers Condemn

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Steelers Fan Spreads Ashes at Heinz Field: Steelers Condemn

In one of the rare instances of something happening inside Heinz Field that is not football related, one fan got themselves in big trouble. Apparently the dead is not on the Pittsburgh Steelers list of things that can be put on the field.

A story from WTAE details a report about a fan who went to the game over the weekend and dumped the ashes of a deceased family member on the field’s south end zone. Of course, a spokesperson for the Steelers said that this display was against the rules. The spokesperson came out and said that the fan did not have permission to drop the ashes and also went on to say that that they have never accommodated requests like this and don’t plan on allowing this in the future.

“Heinz Field Management does not permit or condone such actions,” a statement from the team read. “While we respect those fans who may be interested in honoring a family member by spreading their family’s ashes inside the stadium, Heinz Field cannot accommodate those requests due to state and local regulations.”



In one of the most bizarre stories to come out of this weekend, there has not been any arrest or consequences for this fan at the time of this piece. 

Hopefully, this fan will think twice next time about his deceased relatives.


What is the craziest thing you have seen at or inside of Heinz Field? Let me know in the comments!


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