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Rookie Camp Day 1: Steelers WR George Pickens Talks Pro-Style Offense, Calvin Austin III, His Silver Balaclava, and more

Matt Freed / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Rookie Camp Day 1: Steelers WR George Pickens Talks Pro-Style Offense, Calvin Austin III, His Silver Balaclava, and more

Day 1 of rookie camp 2022 for the Pittsburgh Steelers is in the books, and Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was able to catch up with second round selection, George Pickens after activities concluded. Pickens answered several questions regarding the Steelers’ offense, his relationship with fellow rookie receiver, Calvin Austin III, and much more.

Pickens was drafted 52nd overall in the 2022 NFL Draft by Pittsburgh, and the very moment Steeler Nation saw him watching his name get called, we all knew this kid was going to bring something different to the Steel City.

Steelers George Pickens

Steelers wide receiver George Pickens watches as his name is called during the 2022 NFL Draft. | Photo via Total Sports Pro

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When asked about the “pro-style offense,” Pickens compared what he’s learned so far in camp to what he ran at the University of Georgia.

“It’s like Georgia in some sense. You know, pro-style offense. We’ve always had a pro-style offense. Big Ben [Roethlisberger] is not here, so of course a lot of things are going to change from the old Steelers but, I feel like we’re progressing.”

When asked about his early relationship with Austin III, Pickens made it clear that it’s so far, so good:

“Me and Calvin are real good friends. We just talk about, you know, regular stuff,” Pickens said. “I didn’t know him before I got here.”

Of course, one of the questions that has been on everyone’s mind is, what’s the deal with the gray balaclava? Pickens made sure to let us know that we should continue to stay tuned:

“That’s like a uh, probably I’ll just say like a montage or a model that I’ll probably be wearing. You’ll probably see it later on.”

Pickens went on to explain how he believes the AFC North is his “brand of football” and how he’s known Baltimore Ravens‘ All-Pro cornerback Marlon Humphrey since high school. He also mentioned how he already feels “compatible” with Pittsburgh’s first round selection, Kenny Pickett.


Watch the full clip here:


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