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Steelers Najee Harris “Is No LeVeon Bell” — “He’s Not Special” According To 1 NFL Insider

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Steelers Najee Harris “Is No LeVeon Bell” — “He’s Not Special” According To 1 NFL Insider

Last season the Pittsburgh Steelers used their first round draft selection on running back Najee Harris. The pick came with lots of debate amongst Steelers fans, because many believed the team should’ve tried to fix their offensive line before adding a running back. The debate has and still does have merit, but the one thing you can’t say is that Harris isn’t a stud.

Steelers Najee Harris

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Even the most bitter Steelers fans can recognize that Harris is a special talent. Running behind the horrible 2021 Steelers offensive line Harris was still able to manage 1200 yards rushing. Those 1200 yards came mostly after being hit in the back field and having very little daylight to move forward once he broke free from untouched attackers.

Harris’ best game of 2021 came on the most important night at Heinz Field in a decade. Hall of Fame quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was set to play his final game in front of his home crowd. It was a night like no other as the Steelers needed to defeat the Cleveland Browns to continue their chance at a playoff berth. Harris would answer the call from the team and the frenzied crowd to make Roethlisberger’s last game at Heinz Field a win. Harris would rush for 188 yards including a 37-yarder to ice it late in the fourth quarter.

Now today on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh former NFL player, and current media-type Ross Tucker joined the show. And he had some very surprising comments in regards to Harris.

“I thought he played better the last few games, but I was not overly impressed by him. I don’t see it. I think he’s fine, but I don’t think he’s like a guy, guy,” Tucker told Colin Dunlap. “I don’t think he’s what LeVeon Bell was, but he’s fine. But I don’t think he’s a star player. When I watched him last year I didn’t see a special player.”

“I think he’s a good starting running back. I don’t think we will ever talk about him as one of the top-5 running backs in the NFL.”

Tucker then took to Twitter to double down on his comments after the radio show’s Twitter account published his comments.

He showed me something last few games but I still don’t think he’s a special player. Or going to be.

Is that a crazy opinion or something?

Why yes, yes it is crazy, Ross. Harris was already a top 5 running back last season as a rookie. And guess what? He’s going to continue to get better and better. Also not to mention he was running behind the worst line in the NFL. Were you able to see what he did at Alabama with the semblance of a line? The guy is going to be great.

This has to be the first time anyone with actual football playing or studying knowledge has said they think Harris is just another guy. Tucker used to play for the Cleveland Browns, so maybe it’s just his brown colored shades. He should take those off because Harris is a stud and he’s going to be one for a long time.


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  2. Fred Mertz

    July 20, 2022 at 12:46 pm

    When Ross Tucker makes it to the HOF then his comment may have better backing. Bell had a better O-Line to run behind as well as better blocking receivers. Harris out performed him in his rookie year, so wait before you throw that judgement brick.

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