Steelers Organization Will Support Players Who Kneel

By Brandon J. Wallace


Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin expressed his “plan” involving players kneeling during the National Anthem, as he took questions throughout a Zoom conference call via 93.7 the Fan.

“Our position is simple: We’re going to support our players in their willingness to partake in this whether it’s statements or actions.”

Tomlin went on to further explain the team’s position and stance:

“Statements are good, but impact is better, particularly long-term impact. So those who have a desire to participate in a positive way, they’re going to be supported by us.”

Many will remember much confusion back in 2017 on the team’s official stance on the matter because of Steelers starting left tackle and Army veteran, Alejandro Villanueva who was seen standing outside of the tunnel with his hand on his chest during the National Anthem, while it appeared the rest of the team had not left the locker room.

Later in the Zoom interview, Tomlin was specifically asked about “kneeling” and what reactions that might bring from fans. As always, Tomlin was straight to the point:

“I’ll be clear again, it’s our intentions to support those guys in any statement or actions they take, as long as it is done so thoughtfully and with class and that includes kneeling. Those are my feelings. It’s also the feelings of us as an organization.”

With the 2020 NFL season still set to start on schedule, we’ll see how the team adjusts during these unusual times. One thing is for sure, whether you agree or disagree with the team’s stance, it’s nice to at least see them unified.

“All that we ask is whatever they say and do, they do so thoughtfully and with class.” – Mike Tomlin

More to come.


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