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Steelers Kenny Pickett Reminisces Unforgettable Time He was Late to a Pitt Workout

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Steelers Kenny Pickett Reminisces Unforgettable Time He was Late to a Pitt Workout

The Pittsburgh Steelers 1st-Round Selection, QB Kenny Pickett is finding his way through adjusting to the NFL life. For rookies, life in the NFL can be a huge adjustment to make. Pickett is doing the best he can to earn as many reps as he can for the Steelers’ offense.

During his down time away from the thrilling QB battle, that will take full form when the Steelers open training camp on July 26 in Latrobe, Pickett and Houston Texans’ Jimmy Morrissey (former Pitt teammates) sat down with hosts Jim Medure and Jake Zilinskas on the Perfect Thursday podcast to talk about adjusting to the NFL. This gave Steelers’ fans some insight on some of Pickett’s college days at The University of Pittsburgh.

Steelers Kenny Pickett Ultimate Change From College “I’m Learning A Whole New NFL Offense”

Steelers Kenny Pickett

Youtube Channel: Perfect Thursday

The four men sat around and discussed many things on the episode, it just seemed like what it was, 4 friends reminiscing about their time in college together. Show hosts asked Pickett about the luxury of parking in the front parking lot at the facility now that he’s with the Steelers’ organization.

Pickett was obviously ecstatic about the parking situation, now, but this question prompted a story about a time Pickett was late to a Pitt workout session. While the four joked about the Steelers’ taking notes, Pickett began his story,

“Only time I was ever late for anything like I think, I’m not even kidding like ever. First workout of the… 2019 season, I set my alarms and everything, like in the old iPhone setting, whatever, I didn’t have the ringer actually on or something, I had it on vibrate or something, so it was vibrating and it wasn’t playing like slept right through it.

And you know how early we wake up so when I woke up and saw daylight in my room I just knew it. I had the 7 am lift so I’m up at like usually at 5:45, 5:30, so when I saw the light coming through the curtains I was like I know it, something’s off.”

Steelers Kenny Pickett

Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Kenny Pickett (#8) participates in Organized Team Activities (OTAs) Thursday June 2, 2022 at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex. (Karl Roser/Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pickett was asked if he was punished for the incident and he responded,

“Yeah, we had to “plate push” 850 yards. I think I set a record, I was so mad at myself for it, like I finished so fast right and yeah that was it.”

The hosts, Medure, goes on to describe to viewers what a “plate push” actually is,

“Those plate pushes were serious, a “plate push” is where you take a plate from the weight room,” “45 pound plate,” Pickett quickly interjects to give more detail. Medure continues, “Right on the turf you got to push it 850 yards and I’ve never done this.”

Pickett continues explaining,

“So, it’s 50 yards before you can stand up, like if you stop anytime between that, your hands have to stay on it, if your knees hit the ground, you go back to zero.”

I think Pickett learned a lot about not being late for anything on this day. His work ethic has received nothing but praise from the Steelers’ coaching staff this offseason.

Check out the entire episode below!

What do yinz think about this Pickett story from his time on the Perfect Thursday podcast? Sound off in the comment section below, or on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram!


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