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Steelers Players Helping Out The Community

Caitlyn Epes / Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Players Helping Out The Community

On a foggy and chilly Tuesday afternoon, multiple members of the Pittsburgh Steelers went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods to help children in the surrounding area get some much needed clothing to gear up for winter. The Steelers teamed up with Project Bundle-Up to help take kids from Pittsburgh Banksville Elementary school along with the Salvation Army Corps to the sporting goods store on the Waterfront in Homestead.

“It’s fun to be with kids from the local community and shop,” said Pro Bowl linebacker TJ Watt. “The kids had a good time. We got everything on the checklist. They will be warm enough and have swag for the winter season. Anyway we can help out and just have fun reaching out to the community is something I am happy to do.” –



The team has been taking part in this event for years, and a year like this is especially important to get out into the community because of Covid-19. Some of the activities included lunch, a photo session, and then a shopping spree at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Some of the players in attendance: receiver Chase Claypool, fullback Derek Watt, tight ends Eric Ebron and Zach Gentry, offensive lineman J.C. Hassenauer and linebackers Ulysees Gilbert III and Derrek Tuszka.

The good part about this story is that I became aware of this happening because I was actually in the store when this all went down. I was getting something before I went to the gym to workout when all of a sudden, these giant men with football jerseys and cameras around them came into the store with kids all around them. I thought they were fans until I noticed the Watt brothers and Claypool in the same store as me. I walked over to the checkout area to pay for my single item and unfortunately I was behind dozens of kids and all of these football players buying gifts. While in line, and while wearing a Penn State sweatshirt, tight end Eric Ebron sarcastically asked me if I liked PSU and if I liked going there. I replied ‘yes’, but the football team could have been better when I was there. I did not know in that moment where Ebron went to college, so I just laughed it off. Moral of the story: the Steelers are super down to Earth and friendly, especially to some random guy in a Penn State sweatshirt.


What would you say in my position? Would you have asked for a picture or autograph? Let me know in the comments below!


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