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Steelers Super Star TJ Watt To Grace The Cover Of Madden 23?

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Steelers Super Star TJ Watt To Grace The Cover Of Madden 23?

I’m sure many of you got nauseated at the thought of Pittsburgh Steelers super star TJ Watt gracing the cover of Madden 23. So did I when I saw that Bucky Brooks from tabbed Watt as one of his top 5 choices to be on the cover. The last thing the Steelers need is the Madden Curse to hit Watt. He’s coming off one of the best defensive seasons in the NFL history and just hitting the prime of his career.

Steelers Madden TJ Watt

Now if you’re not familiar with the Madden Curse, let me tell you it’s a real thing. And it’s something that hasn’t been escaped many times by the athletes that end up on the cover of Madden. Since the game began putting NFL players on its cover in 1999 the 23 players had a combined 110 Pro Bowl appearances prior to their Madden cover appearances, compared to just 25 total Pro Bowl appearances after being on the cover.

NFL super stars Marshall Faulk, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander, and Vince Young all have suffered injuries during the season they appeared on the cover. Other players who were in the prime of their careers saw their production fall off substantially following their appearance on the cover. These performances and injuries resulted in speculation of a curse. The Madden Curse has evolved into a much-reported phenomenon, with several news and sports media outlets referring to it as a phenomenon on par with the fabled Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

In 2012 the first Pittsburgh player appeared on the cover of Madden. Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu graced the cover with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. This appearance came a few years after the two players played against each other in Super Bowl 43. Polamalu would have a solid season in 2010 but would be plagued with injuries in the later part of the season. The Steelers would advance to the Super Bowl, but a mostly ineffective Polamalu would be burnt for two touchdowns during the game.

In 2019 Antonio Brown was the cover athlete. During the 2019 season Brown had a meltdown late in the season and essentially quit the team. He failed to show up for Pittsburgh’s final game of the season and would force his way out of Pittsburgh in the months after. Madden curse? Sounds like it for Brown.

Now this past week NFL reporter Bucky Brooks laid out 5 names that he could see being on the cover of Madden 23. The #2 player on his list was Watt. Here’s what he had to say about it.

Having just tied Michael Strahan’s single-season record with 22.5 sacks in 2021, Watt clearly has solidified his standing among the NFL’s top QB hunters. In five seasons, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year has amassed 72 sacks, 80 tackles for loss, 22 forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries and four interceptions. With few defenders capable of rivaling his game-wrecking ability off the edge, Watt deserves cover consideration as the premier playmaker at his position.

Brooks also listed Tom Brady, Trevon Diggs, Josh Allen, and his number one choice Cooper Kupp as potential cover athletes. Brady was on the cover in 2018 which would end with his team winning the Super Bowl. But Brady is super-human so not even the Madden Curse can get him.

Hopefully EA Sports is more interested in the Super Bowl Rams and uses Kupp, or even someone like Joe Burrow. We don’t like to wish curses on anyone.. but if Burrow started to throw a lot of interceptions we wouldn’t be upset.


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  1. Thomas Barnes

    May 30, 2022 at 8:34 pm

    John Madden should be the only person considered for the cover this year

  2. Sarrah Fox

    May 31, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Awe I absolutely 💯 agree with that! When you lose a legend he deserves to be honored appropriately… and I mean geez THE GAME IS NAMED AFTER HIM! Lol Instead of cursing any of these young unbelievably talented players, let’s take a year off to remember the man, the myth, the legend, who became a household name long before the video game would ever be conceivable,and show our love for a sports legend!

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