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Steelers TJ Watt Says He Isn’t An ‘Indivdual Goal Guy’ Only Wants To Be A ‘Game Wrecker And Win A Super Bowl”

Steelers TJ Watt Says He Isn’t An ‘Indivdual Goal Guy’ Only Wants To Be A ‘Game Wrecker And Win A Super Bowl”

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed TJ Watt to a mega contract days before the regular season kicked off last year in Buffalo. They made Watt the highest paid defensive player in the NFL and gave him 80 million dollars guaranteed. The highest amount of guaranteed money ever given out to a Steelers player. Also, the first time a player outside of Ben Roethlisberger received guaranteed money beyond a signing bonus.

Steelers TJ Watt

Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker T.J. Watt tackles Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen and forces a fumble on September 21, 2021. The Steelers beat the Bills 23-16. Jamie Germano, JAMIE GERMANO/ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE

Watt quickly made the Steelers decision a very smart one. Watt won Defensive Player of the Year, tied the single season sack record with 22.5 sacks, recorded 21 tackles for a loss, and had 39 quarterback hits. He made the Pro Bowl and was named first team All-Pro for the third straight season.

But Watt doesn’t care about any of those accolades. During an interview with Missi Matthews of she asked Watt if he had any goals in mind for the 2022 season. Watt responded just like you thought he would. He doesn’t care about stats, all he cares about is making a difference during the game, and the ultimate prize. A Super Bowl championship.

“There’s really the only one goal right now. I’m not a big individual goal guy. I don’t have X amount of sacks, X amount of TFL’s [tackles for a loss],” Watt continued. “It truly is be a game wrecker and win a Super Bowl. That’s really all there is to it at this point.

TJ and his brother JJ have been competing since they were a little kid. The eldest Watt has more awards, more records, and every other thing. But the one thing he doesn’t have is a Super Bowl title. JJ Watt played many years in Houston, where they’ve never even sniffed a Super Bowl. He knows plays for the Arizona Cardinals, another franchise that’s never won a Super Bowl and only has been to one.

With JJ growing old the chances of him getting a Super Bowl are starting to dwindle. If TJ could help the Steelers raise the Lombardi trophy it could be the one thing that he could always hold against his brother. All in good fun of course.


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