Terrell Edmunds: Impressing at Camp

Prior to the draft, many people gave Terrell Edmunds 3rd-4th round grades. As draft day got closer, and Edmunds insane athletic abilities became apparent, his draft grade began to rise. Still, when the Steelers took him in the first round, many believed he was overdrafted. After all, his play was raw, and the team still had a huge hole at ILB.

As time progressed, the Steelers began to consider the man different positions to play him at. They could play him as a traditional safety, corner, box safety,or try to make him a hybrid, who can play all 3. They ended up going with the final option, though it seemed likely to be the most difficult for a raw rookie like Edmunds. Yet, Edmunds has performed well at camp.

Once Morgan Burnett went down with a minor injury, Edmunds was quickly able to earn first-team reps. He performed well in one-on-one’s against receivers, and broke up a few passes during scrimmages. Edmunds has even come down with a few picks. What does this show? Not much. Training camp hype is always a dangerous thing to get too focused on, as in-game performance is the only that matters, in the end. Yet, this provides the Steelers defense with some hope. After losing Ryan Shazier, it looked like the defense would be in shambles for years to come. But with the addition of veteran safety Morgan Burnett, Edmunds has someone to learn from, and can take over the safety spot when Burnett plays in the box. Keith Butler, the Steelers Defensive Coordinatoor, said “Edmunds has done a good job..he understands he’s a young guy, he’s willing to listen to the veterans. Talk with them. I think he’s done well.” As the Steelers’ trust in Edmunds continues to grow, he may see more day-one playing time than many expect, even though he was once considered a raw prospect.

The Steelers are all-in on a Super Bowl this year. Taking a player like Terrell Edmunds was a huge risk, but one they had to take. Recent draft picks like Sean Davis, Artie Burns, and Bud Dupree have all shown potential, yet none of them have stepped up. Fans can only hope, that once-and-for-all, the safeties of Pittsburgh can be feared once again.

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