The Watt Brothers Zoom Call was Filled with Brotherly Love

Pittsburgh Steelers Zoom Call

By: G.Stryker, Twitter @SNStryker and Instagram @SNStryker

This morning brothers Derek and TJ Watt did a Zoom interview together to highlight the first time all 3 brothers will be playing in the same game, as brother JJ Watt will join them in Pittsburgh with his Houston Texans on Sunday.

Some of the questions were fun, and answered in a jovial manner, as Brooke Pryor tweeted to relay the question, “Would TJ and Derek be OK with JJ getting two sacks to get 100 sacks in 115 games?”

Derek responded, “That means we’re not doing real great on offense.”

TJ added, “I think JJ’s got enough hardware … he’s not shy telling people he has those awards, especially me. I don’t think he needs that one.”

Later they were asked a question “What is the most expensive thing the Watt brothers broke?”

In true brotherly fashion, TJ responded to Derek, “I broke your face once time.”

The conversation shifted to who is the better uncle to Derek’s children, TJ or JJ?

TJ answered, “Derek doesn’t trust me to babysit full time.”

Derek asked a follow up question, “Would you change a dirty diaper?”

TJ responded quickly, “Heck no!”

The interview culminated with a guest reporter who happened to be JJ Watt, asking his brothers, “During quarantine it looks like you guys practiced at a really nice facility with a nice field, I’m wondering what the membership fees were like?”  JJ was of course referencing his own home workout facility.  The brothers responded below.  Watch the video for the full answers as they answer the question in a way you’d expect brothers to interact.

A big thank you to Brook Pryor for sharing some insight into this zoom call between the 3 Watt Brothers.  It was nice to get a glimpse of the 3 Watt brothers together on this morning’s Zoom meeting.  It will be even nicer to see them all on the field together on Sunday.

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