The Workout Video Hype


By: Michael Stiffler

I won’t lie, I am a sucker for a good workout video. There is nothing better as a fan, seeing the guys you root for hungry, pushing themselves to be better. With this year being such an oddity, I feel like the Vince McMahon gif falling out of his chair, with each video that gets posted. 

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Workday. @footwork_king

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You love to see it. Eric Ebron’s surgically repaired ankle is looking GOOD. As a Steelers fan, seeing Ebron, who is known more as a receiver than blocker, run and cut smoothly is a big sigh of relief.  If you aren’t familiar with the @footwork_king on Instagram, just know Ebron’s ankle is being put to work. He works with athletes like Joe Haden, Darius Slay, and Odell Beckham Jr. who have some of the best footwork in the game.

Concerned about drops? This should help ease some of that worry. Ebron has a 6-ball jugs machine at home, which is the first time I have ever seen something like this. Those hands of his should be ready to go for the redzone this season. Hopefully this will help silence the critics who repeatedly bring it up. 

It is always great to see a wideout working on his hands, but is that Juju Smith-Schuster or a Ninja Turtle? His back is looking legit. and I know athletes normally look more fit than the average human, but Juju has gone from youngin’ to grown man this off-season. If you have followed him on social media these last few months, then you have already seen his results. 

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Dedicated 🙏🏾

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If I have learned one thing, it is never to doubt Vince Williams. I love the passion he plays with, and he is one of the easiest Steelers to root for. Let’s expect him to get back to his 2017 level of play where he registered eight sacks. 

100 degrees? Uphill? Steven Nelson has not been slacking during this quarantine. Doesn’t matter if it is at home or up a hill, Nelson has not been held back. You can tell he is coming even more motivated this season.

Without rookie mini-camp and OTA’s, this is all we have to look forward to at the moment. No gushing over practices in shorts and helmets, just social media hype. Get used to this for the next month until training camp begins. 

Let’s not forget James Conner who seems to still be going viral after his workout videos and images of late as well.


Encore you say? Let’s play the hits.


What do you guys think about players posting their workouts to social media? Does it get you excited for the upcoming season? Drop a comment below!


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