Winners and Losers: Week Three @ 49ers

By Adam McCoy


For every game played, you have players that stand out, both for good and bad things.  We’re going to look at those players, both winners and losers each week, and highlight or throw them under the bus.  




Minkah Fitzpatrick

I’d say Minkah Fitzpatrick came as advertised.  One interception, one forced fumble, and flying around the field.  He instantly has become the second best player on our defense behind TJ Watt. 


Diontae Johnson

The rookie out of Toledo, Diontae Johnson, got his first chance to start with the benching of Donte Moncrief, and he made the most out of it.  3 catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. He showed the speed and double moves on the touchdown, and his ability to make defenders miss in the open field on an early 3rd down conversion.  The wide receiver corp needs to continue to improve, but this is a good first step for Johnson.



Here we go.

Offensive Line

This had to have been the worst performance from this offensive line since this unit has come together.  I would be remiss to not give the 49ers front credit though. They have an insane ability to generate pressure while only rushing four, and it showed.  Mason Rudolph was given no time to throw and constantly had to improvise and take off.

James Conner

Something tells me James Conner is playing hurt.  He simply does not look himself this year, and this week was a clear indication of that.  A costly fumble in the fourth quarter led to the go ahead, and eventual game-winning touchdown drive for the 49ers.

Both Coordinators

I’m starting to think the Pittsburgh Steelers may have the worst coaching staff in the NFL when it comes to making adjustments.  Obviously, the defense played well in the first half, and the 49ers offense made adjustments at half. What did the Steelers do to react? Nothing you say? You are correct.  It’s become the same story week in and week out with both Randy Fichtner and Keith Butler. I’ll go easy on Butler this week, but Fichtner, not so much. How do you manage to be gifted 5 turnovers, field position at the 35 and 28-yard lines, and come away with only 6 points?  That is inexcusable. I know that the Steelers don’t fire coaches, they let their contracts expire. They also don’t trade 1st round picks. So it’s time to make that change and light a fire under this team. Mason Rudolph’s strength is stretching the field. Yet you have a coordinator hard set on setting screens on every play.  It’s so frustrating to watch this team play at half their potential and its becoming more and more obvious who is holding them back. Fire him into the sun.



Let us know who you thought might’ve been a “winner” or “loser” in the comment section below!


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