Brown Speaks Out Via Twitter

It’s no secret that the off-season drama isn’t going away any time soon. At the forefront of this production is All-Pro Wide Receiver, Antonio Brown. Pittsburgh’s beloved Brown has seemed to go off the deep end this offseason after multiple incidents with his teammates, the organization, and of course his social media presence.

You can only have so many accomplishments, records, and Pro-Bowl ballots till your out-of-uniform shenanigans start to be a distraction to all the ‘good’ you provide to the success of your team. Brown has very clearly been an asset to the Steelers since he’s been with them, there’s no doubt about that.

Brown reached 10,000 career receiving yards during the season opener against the Cleveland Browns this year in just 116 career games. Brown is accompanied by only one other person that reached this milestone in fewer games, Calvin Johnson in 115 games. Since the season opener, AB was being AB, to his incredible one-hand grabs, to his ability to escape any defender, Brown was/is a threat.

But like I said, how much drama can the fans and organization put up with outside of the locker room. In November, Brown was pulled over for driving more than 100 mph in a 45 mph zone, on gameday. A speeding ticket is probably something fans get let go of and joke about, maybe.

Towards the end of the season is where things with Brown started to blow up. A critical Week 17 matchup against the Bengals and Pittsburgh was without one of their reliable wide receivers. It was reported as an apparent knee injury, but as news started to unravel, Brown was held from the game because of disciplinary action.

This decision stemmed from missed team activities and an ‘issue’ with a teammate. It was soon revealed by multiple sources that the issue was with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. According to several reports, Brown threw a football towards Roethlisberger before walking out of practice.

While this report was surprising to many, especially since the chemistry between the pair has always seemed to be pretty dynamic, the drama had just begun.

Steelers owner, Art Rooney II’s first public comments about Brown weren’t that promising. Rooney said it would be “hard to envision” Brown at training camp with the way things are going. After these comments about Brown went viral, Brown’s cryptic comments surfaced on the web.

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With this, the speculations exploded. Was this reassurance that everything would be okay with the relationship between the Steelers and Brown? Or was this a shot at Rooney himself? Whatever it was, the drama wasn’t over.

Antonio Brown was then featured on former Steeler, James Harrison’s live Instagram story. This by no means rubbed anyone the right way. With the way Harrison exited the organization, and to the team he went to play for, not many fans or reporters thought that was the right move.

From there on out, Brown has reappeared on the social media with his antics and his latest reply on Tuesday that started to stir the pot a little bit more.

After that, he went on to speak about former Steeler, Emmanuel Sanders. Sanders spoke on Antonio Brown’s issues with the team on NFL GameDay and very confidently said that Brown brought this on himself.

After Sanders’ comments surfaced, Brown came to Twitter on Wednesday to publicly respond.

Brown is also speaking about an interview coming very soon that will tell his side of the story and the ‘facts’ of the situation.

It’s been an interesting off-season thus far, but I’m sure this won’t be the last of it.

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