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Devlin Hodges Shows Ben Roethlisberger Some Love

Instagram: @devlinhodges

Devlin Hodges Shows Ben Roethlisberger Some Love

Everyone that is a part of SteelerNation remembers the 2019 football season for some reason or another.

During the preseason of the 2019 season, Devlin Hodges, also referred to as “Duck” for his duck calling prowess, became one of the talks of the Pittsburgh Steelers by performing well in all the games he appeared in.

He performed so well that it led the Steelers to feel comfortable enough to trade away Josh Dobbs to the Jacksonville Jaguars, leaving Hodges as the team’s #3 quarterback.



After a season ending injury to Ben Roethlisberger and some underwhelming play by Mason Rudolph, Hodges got his first regular season playing time in Week 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Immediately becoming a fan favorite, Hodges went on to start 6 games for the Steelers while playing in two others.

SteelerNation still has a soft spot in their hearts for Hodges, and it appears he still has a soft spot in his for them. That is evident by an Instagram post he posted on Friday of this week showing Roethlisberger some love.



Hodges now plays for the Ottawa Redblacks in the Canadian Football League, and rocks #7 which is also Roethlisberger’s who acted as a mentor during Hodges’ time on the Steelers.

Hodges also posted another show of respect to Roethlisberger on his Instagram story. The story showed a picture split down the middle with the two both wearing #7 jerseys and looking at each other, Roethlisberger saying, “Duck you got me” and Hodges replying, “I got you.”

There will always be memories for SteelerNation from that 2019 season with Hodges being at the forefront, and it is clear his time with the Steelers will always be fond for him too.


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