Eric Ebron is in Football Heaven!

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Former NFL wide receiver Nate Burleson is the host of 17 Weeks on Apple Podcasts. It’s a weekly interview with current NFL players and their experiences playing in this new pandemic environment. Burleson interviewed Eric Ebron as part of this week’s podcast, and he talked to a lot of people around the league before signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are some of the things that Ebron heard from former and current players of the black and gold.

“I talked to a few players before I signed with them and said, Tell me something about Pittsburgh? Football heaven! The best place you’ll ever play! You’ll love it there! It’s like the best (expletive) ever! There wasn’t one bad report that comes out, and it starts with Mike T. That just trickles down to everybody else man, so it’s an honor. I love it!”

When asked specifically about coach Mike Tomlin, Ebron had some kind things to say about his new coach.

“Mike T is my guy. I feel like we’re going to have a great relationship. I feel I can come to him with anything. I feel like he’s very open and honest. He understands that he has 53 players with 53 different backgrounds, upbringings, 53 totally different ways of life. And he’s so open to understanding everybody, understanding all of his players, you have no choice but to respect the type of person that Mike T is. You want to play for somebody like that..It forces you to wanna be a part of something like that.”

Ebron loves his new defense, and can’t wait for the offense to catch fire from practicing so much against it.

“Our defense was dominant! We practiced against them all summer, or the summer we did have for training camp. We got to see that first hand, for us to compete with them…Shows you how explosive our offense can be once we catch a rhythm!”

As a member of Steeler Nation, it is fun to hear the enthusiasm of a new Pro Bowl player talk about his new team and coach.


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