Four Le’Veon Bell Trade Scenarios

Realistically, would Le’Veon Bell be traded? Probably not. He can’t discuss a contract extension this year, thus gathering little interest from other teams. He hasn’t signed his tender yet, and he would have to in order to be traded. Of course, if a trade was worked out, and Bell liked his destination, he most definitely would sign the tender.

Recently, there have been reports that the Steelers are listening to trade offers for Le’Veon Bell. They haven’t exactly put him on the trade block, but with the right offer, they will accept. Teams around the league, even with the caveats of the trade, could take a shot at trading for Bell, the most versatile running back in the NFL.


Steelers give: RB Le’Veon Bell, S Marcus Allen, S Jordan Dangerfield and a 2019 6th round pick

Buccaneers give: ILB Kwon Alexander, RB Ronald Jones, 2019 3rd round pick

This deal just makes too much sense. Let me explain.

The Buccaneers have solid depth at linebacker, but have no depth in a severely injured secondary. They have a big need for starting safeties, so Allen and Dangerfield can really make a difference. The Steelers get rid of two safeties on their roster, but I expect them to activate pass-rusher Keion Adams or CB Brian Allen off the practice squad, anyways. They still have depth at safety, with 4 left on the roster. But the big deal is Le’Veon Bell for Kwon Alexander and Ronald Jones. Alexander can be the perfect ILB to replace Ryan Shazier and bring this defense together. Alexander only has a year on his contract, as well, making him more expendable to the team. Ronald Jones looks to be a bust for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but could be solid in a rotation with James Connor. He isn’t a 30 touches type of back, but with even with 10-15, he could be game-changing.

The Buccaneers get the best running back in the NFL. They have confidence that they can resign him due to the location; Bell clearly loves Florida and the non-existent state income tax could allow the team to pay Bell less, without Bell having to lose any money.


The Jets likely have interest in Bell, as while Isiah Crowell has been solid, he is quite clearly not the long-term solution (at least in comparison to Bell). They have A LOT of money, and can most definitely afford to pay him.

Steelers give: Le’Veon Bell

Jets give: Darron Lee, 2019 1st round pick, 2019 5th round pick

This trade is more simple, and includes only Le’Veon Bell from the Steelers’ side. They get a solid, high-upisde ILB with Darron Lee and also get significant compensation with a 1st and 5th round pick. The Jets get Le’Veon Bell and can give a playoff run a genuine shot.


This one’s gonna be crazy, but fun.

Steelers give: Le’Veon Bell, Matt Feiler

Texans give: J.J. Watt, Ryan Griffin, 3rd round pick

This trade would probably never happen, but it makes a ton of sense. J.J. Watt has been awfully quiet for the Texans recently, and the Steelers have a huge need for a pass-rusher. They also could use a receiving TE like Ryan Griffin, who the Texans would be willing to give away with their impressive rookie TEs. Texans need O-lineman, and Matt Feiler fits that bill, and Le’Veon Bell would be a huge upgrade over Miller.


The 49ers need a running back with the injury of Jerrick McKinnon and, if they hope to make any kind of run for the playoffs, they need a game-changer like Bell. They have a lot of cap space and would be willing to make this move.

Steelers give: Le’Veon Bell, Matt Feiler

49ers give: Fred Warner, Jerrick McKinnon, 4th round pick

Fred Warner has been a outstanding rookie ILB for the 49ers, but may lose his spot with the return of Reuben Foster. McKinnon, from next year, can provide a solid receiving threat for the Steelers. The 49ers get a chance to become more of a threat in the NFC, and can improve their O-line with Feiler.


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