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Heyward Defends Roethlisberger on NFL Network

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Heyward Defends Roethlisberger on NFL Network

It is no secret that the national media has an extreme bias against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Any time the Steelers come up on ESPN or NFL Network, the common theme is they are “overrated” or quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is “washed up”. Well, Steelers defensive captain Cam Heyward set the record straight on Tuesday when he joined the cast of Good Morning Football on NFL Network.

“Ben’s still got the goods. Anyone that tells you otherwise, they haven’t really looked at football,” Heyward said during his interview on Tuesday. Hewyard also added, “If you give that guy a good running game and tell him he doesn’t have to throw the ball 50-60 times, he’s going to be that much more dangerous”.



A major deficiency in most analysis performed on Roethlisberger last year was the fact that the Steelers had no run game. The Steelers offense was so one-dimensional that teams could drop 7+ defenders in coverage and make it pretty much impossible for the Steelers pass game to succeed. The Steelers have addressed the run game by adding first-rounder Najee Harris and adding good offensive line depth through the draft and free agency.

Creating a more balanced offense will not only help Roethlisberger in the short-term, but prolong his career for however much longer he decides to play. The Steelers have never cared about what anyone outside of their building thinks, but it is nice for the fans to see that the players always have their quarterback’s back. Watch the full interview below:


What do you think of Heyward’s comments? Are you excited to see what Harris can add to the Steelers offense in 2021? Sound off in the comments below!


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