Instant Reactions: Week Nine – Steelers vs Colts

By Adam McCoy


Get a look inside my mind (a scary thought) during the Pittsburgh Steelers games.  All the hot takes, all the rage, and all the elation as I share with you my instant reactions each week.  Enjoy!



This is an interesting game for sure.  The Indianapolis Colts are a good team, there’s no doubt about it. Funny as it is, I think Jaylen Samuels will be the X-factor of this game. Steelers by 3.


1st Quarter

The Steelers always seem to get off to a slow start when they get the ball first. Let’s buck that trend.

Is that Mason Rudolph running no huddle? I love it.

Unfortunate pick there. JuJu has to catch that though. That’s a good throw from Mason.

There we go, Bud Dupree! Nice chase down!

3-0. Could be a lot worse.

Trey Edmunds making his name known!


Thought a big play was gonna come from that, but hey, we take points.

Mason really is starting to look like a young Ben Roethlisberger out there.

Guy who doesn’t get enough credit, Jordan Dangerfield with a nice play on that strip there.


2nd Quarter

Wow, that was a quick 1st quarter.

Two fumbles now for the Colts, neither the Steelers could fall on.

Not a good sign for Colts fans. Jacoby Brissett has been solid for Indy this year.

Wait a minute. When was Brian Hoyer a Steeler?

I know he didn’t do that as a Steeler.

Ah, looked it up.  He played in 2012, never threw a pass.  Makes sense.

Holy cow, James Washington. I want what he’s having.

Wow, what a throw from Mason while going down.

Damn, I really like this Trey Edmunds guy. Is it too early to say that?

Interesting play call on 4th and 2.

Alright defense, it’s time to step up.


Minkah is now tied for 2nd in the league in interceptions, one behind Patriots’ Devin McCourty.

Such a soft call.

Our defense hits hard on every play, you gotta love to see it.

That’s a huge block!

Let’s see if we do anything with the little time left. Even a field goal would be huge.

Wait, is that a free field goal?

#Godwell is officially back.


3rd Quarter

Guess who? TJ Watt of course.

Wow, they go for it here?

There we go, defense! Way to punish! Dupree with the strip sack!

I said it all off-season, Dupree was going to have a big year. He’s coming through.

Dupree now has 6 sacks (matching a career high), Watt has 6.5 or 7 depending on how they count that last one. The Steelers finally have that pass rush duo at OLB they’ve been looking for.

Also, Dupree now has half of his career forced fumbles (2) this season.

The Colts refuse to cover Jaylen Samuels underneath. 9 receptions now for 63 yards.

10 catches now for Jaylen Samuels. Got to be some happy fantasy owners right now.

Huge touchdown to Vance McDonald to take the lead!

Well, you hate to see it.

Wow, what a huge special teams play! Trey Edmunds with the initial tackle, but our fan favorite Ola Adeniyi with the forced fumble!

The defense is catching on. Time to hit them with something deep, or to the endzone here I guess.


4th Quarter

Not loving the passive play calls when you get the ball inside the red zone.

TJ Watt is an absolute animal.  It’s insane this is only his second year in the league.

Mason Rudolph has Jaylen Samuels on his fantasy team confirmed.

Nice move by Diontae Johnson. I don’t like how little he’s been utilized.


Man Joe Haden has been crushing kids on these tackles.

Well, we have time.

Nice play by Terrell Edmunds on that 2-point attempt.

James Washington with a beauty off a dime throw from Mason.

Diontae Johnson, nice job to draw that PI call.

Yay, another pass interference challenge.

Again, inside the red zone and we use passive play calling.


Steven Nelson is playing without a shoe right now, what is happening.

Love seeing Mike Hilton get that sack!

GUESS WHO!! TJ WATT. Now 4th in the league in sacks.

That’s definitely not a fumble.

But what horrific play calling in this spot, when a field goal for Indy wins it.

Joe Haden is a man possessed right now.

No way you call a flag there. Uncatchable ball.

Tomlin challenge, let’s go boys and girls.

“Refball” is actually ruining this league. Week in and week out the refs are the main influence of a game. There haven’t been any big crazy highlights, just refs having way too much power and influence over the game.

What. Another challenge? Tomlin, you good?

Ya know the refs might be bad enough to overturn this one.

Guess not.

Wow, Adam Vinatieri is struggling this year and that’s a HUGE miss.

Defense wins us this game. Thankfully the refs didn’t ruin this one, but that’s not going to stop me from going on a bit of a tirade in my winners and losers article.

Back to .500, as much as I hate to say it, Go Patriots.



How do you think we did!? Comment below!


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