Roethlisberger Relies on “Faith and Belief” in Washington

The Athletic

By: Jonathan Clark


After an out of whack week, a win will always be satisfactory, but the performance was clearly not their best of the season following a Week 12 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. However, excuses are not something you will hear the Pittsburgh Steelers make under head coach, Mike Tomlin. His “no excuses-no explanations” mentality has been one that has run deep through this organization, but the Steelers do play three games in 12 days, so the dysfunction can be explained.

In his normal leadership role, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shares how he puts the games on his shoulders, stating that accuracy was an issue for him in this game and attributed to the drops by his receivers throughout the game on his inaccurate throws. He wasn’t thrilled with his individual performance, but he was happy with how his receivers played with toughness throughout, in plays that ended up playing a part in the outcome of the game.

Roethlisberger points out James Washington during a post game interview, when asked a question regarding his negative performance of the offense. He defers the question to the positives that he attributed throughout. In regards to the throw to Washington on the 3rd down conversion, Roethlisberger states that,

It was just my truth and belief in him and his trust and belief in himself that he is going to make the play.” Roethlisberger continued. “For that reason, the ball was thrown his way”. 



Roethlisberger has been high on Washington all year, apparently he has been “shouting to the sidelines during the game to get Washington on the field”. It’s not that he has not been productive, it’s just that every receiver we have just seems to be making plays each week, each earning significant playing time each time they step on the field.

“Washington needs to get on the field more, not because other guys aren’t doing good, it’s because he is a player that makes plays” – Ben Roethlisberger


It seems like in Roethlisberger’s post game interview, he was advocating for more playing time to come Washington’s way. He has been productive when on the field but other success has shown a lack of playing time lately. With a play like he made this week, and his QB having announced his trust in him, could this be the beginning of Washington’s 2020 breakout party?

Watch the full interview below!


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