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A Passionate Steelers’ Cam Heyward Opens Up about Stadium Name Change: “Heinz Field wasn’t made by a name… it was made because of the memories”

Matt Freed / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Passionate Steelers’ Cam Heyward Opens Up about Stadium Name Change: “Heinz Field wasn’t made by a name… it was made because of the memories”

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and team captain, Cam Heyward released the first episode of his brand new podcast, Not Just Football (by way of ESPN), where he and co-host Hayden Walsh talk football, basketball, college sports, video games, and more. In this episode, Heyward specifically addresses the fact that he’s now in the “New Media,” his thoughts on his recent ESPN Top 10 Defensive Tackle list ranking, and of course, dives into his thoughts on the black and gold and where they currently sit as a team.

Steelers Cam Heyward

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What’s been a hot topic among Steeler Nation this week and NFL fans alike, has been the recent name change to Heinz Field. The organization will now be playing at Acrisure Stadium and Heyward passionately gave his thoughts on the change to close out his first episode:

“Heinz Field has, in my lifetime, all I’ve known is Heinz Field,” Heyward stated. “Three Rivers [Stadium], I didn’t really watch Three Rivers but, every time there’s a change in stadium, I don’t really put too much stock into that. Because as much as I’ve loved calling it ‘Heinz Field,’ Heinz Field wasn’t made by a name. It was made because of the memories. It was made because you got to watch Ben [Roethlisberger] to AB [Antonio Brown]. The Immaculate Extension, they called it [on] Christmas night. It was made watching great plays like that. Or watching New England come into Heinz Field and watching the Steelers defense beat ’em up. The memories and plays are what made Heinz Field. Not the actual Heinz Field.”

Steelers Antonio Brown

Wide receiver Antonio Brown extends for the touchdown with the clock running and no timeouts remaining for Pittsburgh. This would be the go-ahead score over the Baltimore Ravens in December 2016. AP Photo/Fred Vuich

New Acrisure Stadium Name Isn’t in Favor With 66% of Steelers Fans

Heyward continued:

“I’m sure there’s going to be some type of nickname they’re going to give to Acrisure Stadium where it’s like, ‘Sure Stadium,’ or something. Or like, you know there’s going to be some catchy way to say it. It’s not like we’re playing somewhere different. It’s still where you guys always go to watch a game. We’re going to still be thumping. You’re still going to hear Renegade. You’re still going to get out of your seats and get excited in December, in January. Those things aren’t changing. It’s a name, guys. I understand like, ‘oh, it’d be really cool to [still] call in Heinz Field, and we’re going to miss the big ketchup bottles dumping down on a touchdown.’ But Acrisure better come with that fire [laughs], because we’re going to make sure we do our job as well.”

Steelers Steeler Nation Acrisure Stadium

Greg Williams is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Acrisure, and on Tuesday, Williams and Steelers President Art Rooney II presided over a news conference to announce a partnership between the two businesses for the naming rights to the venue where the Steelers and the Pitt football team play their home games. | Joseph Phillippi / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Watch Heyward’s full response and more here.


So, do yinz agree with Heyward’s thoughts on the stadium name change? Or are yinz still going to call it “Heinz?” Make sure to click to comment below and congrats Cam on your podcast launch!




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