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Steelers Superstar Cam Heyward Texted Former Steeler Ramon Foster: “I ain’t 5, I ain’t 4, I ain’t 3, it’s pick your poison at 1 or 2”

Matt Freed / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Steelers Superstar Cam Heyward Texted Former Steeler Ramon Foster: “I ain’t 5, I ain’t 4, I ain’t 3, it’s pick your poison at 1 or 2”

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, Cam Heyward is tired of the disrespect, just plain and simple! The Steelers DT is coming off a season in which he totaled 89 combined tackles (53 solos), 15 tackles for loss, 17 QB hits, 10 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 1 forced fumble, 1 interception, and 9 passes defended. Talk about a stat sheet stuffer!

Heyward was a First Team All-Pro selection in 2021 for the third time in his career. It’s his fourth time total being an All-Pro as he made Second Team back in 2020. Heyward is also a 5x Pro Bowler and is currently on a five-year streak of doing so! However, for whatever reason, the defensive tackle is constantly disrespected on off-season lists. He made it known earlier this off-season, that it’s him and Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald at 1 and 2.

A Fired Up Steelers Cam Heyward: He’s The Most ‘Complete Player At My Position’ — “It’s Cam And Aaron [Donald] and Everybody Else”

Steelers Cam Heyward Mike Tomlin

Steelers defensive tackle, Cam Heyward (#97) celebrates with head coach, Mike Tomlin, after their 39-38 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Heinz Field. | Christopher Horner / Tribune-Review

On Thursday’s episode of The Ramon Foster Steelers Show on the DK Pittsburgh Sports YouTube channel, former Steelers offensive guard, Ramon Foster and Dejan Kovacevic spoke about a text that Heyward sent Foster about the show’s episode on Wednesday. Just to give context to the text that Foster said Heyward sent, let’s preface it with the chain of events that happened, first.

Heyward was listed as the fifth best defensive tackle in the NFL on an ESPN list that’s conjured up by votes from league executives, coaches, and players. Fifth?! Are you serious?! Have you seen this guy play the game? The article stated this after listing Heyward at number five:

Heyward’s early-30s trajectory has been impressive.

“Look at his numbers and watch him — there’s no decline at all,” an NFL scouting director said.

Heyward, who turned 33 in May, put together one of his best performances in Year 11 with 10 sacks, 89 tackles and 15 tackles for loss on his way to first-team All-Pro status and a fifth consecutive Pro Bowl.

“I still really like Cam Heyward as a top guy,” a separate NFC exec said. “He’s just got a power to his game where, when he gets his hands on you, he can drive you back. And he plays his a** off.”

Heyward might have a post-playing career in volleyball after recording 16 passes defended (passes either batted or deflected), the highest total among this group. And he did it without recently retired lineman Stephon Tuitt, who missed all of last season, by his side.

Cameron Heyward Joe Schobert Chris Wormley

Photo via Twitter: @JSKO_PHOTO

The article didn’t necessarily bash him, but to list him at number five is just ridiculous!

Foster spoke on The Ramon Foster Steelers Show on Wednesday about the list:

“Cam Heyward… five,” Foster said while going through the entire top 10 of the ESPN list. “Those four I named before him ain’t bad and Cam can be intertwined between those guys, where ever you want to put him.”

Foster stated that Heyward texted him about what was said in a very “cordial” way, Foster seemingly reading the text from his phone:

“Saw your show,” Foster then thanked Heyward for the view in a joking way. “I ain’t 5, I ain’t 4, I ain’t 3, it’s pick your poison at 1 or 2!”

Foster’s eyes lit up in excitement about the motivation in Heyward’s text, it seems like a really fired up text. If this brings Heyward some added motivation, look out NFL! He may be 33, but he’s not slowing down, yet! Remember, don’t poke the bear!

Check out the entire episode below!


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