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Challenge Competition with Steelers TJ Watt and Cam Heyward’s Leaked Superstar X-Factor Abilities on New Madden 23

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Challenge Competition with Steelers TJ Watt and Cam Heyward’s Leaked Superstar X-Factor Abilities on New Madden 23

Unfortunately, year in and year out, the Pittsburgh Steelers are disrespected in the EA Sports’ Madden video game series. A lot of us still buy the game each year, even though the majority of the time, we just complain about it. If you’re like me and most big time fans of each respective NFL team, you’re probably an avid user of the Steelers’ on the video game.

We all want to know what we’re going to be working with in each iteration of the game, we get impatient and want to know ratings and other important information as soon as we can! This year’s EA Sports’ Madden 23 is set to release for everyone on Friday, August 19. However, if you want to spend the extra money, you could get it 3 days earlier by buying the “All-Madden” edition of the video game.

Steelers Madden 23

The three cover options for the upcoming “Madden NFL 23.” (Washington Post illustration; EA Sports)

If you are a perennial purchaser of the video game, you’re probably like me and searching for leaks all over the place to get a sneak-peak into player ratings, new updates to different modes like the fan-favorite “Franchise-mode.” Well, search no more! Although, there’s nothing official, yet, we have several “leaks” of the video game right here at!

Steelers Sensational DPOY TJ Watt Leaked as Member of “99 Club” on Madden 23

Steelers TJ Watt

Linebacker T.J. Watt just won AFC Defensive Player of the Week, but the schizophrenic Steelers D is just as likely to give up a big play as to make one. The concerning implications of the defense’s dual personality disorder are a problem in Pittsburgh. (Photo by the Pittsburgh Steelers)

No surprise here! TJ Watt deserves the recognition of becoming a member of Madden’s elite “99 club.” I don’t think we’ll have another Steelers’ player to join him, but there has been another Steelers’ player “leaked” to join him in having a “Superstar X-Factor” ability on  Madden 23.  

Steelers Mike Tomlin Cam Heyward

Steelers defensive tackle, Cam Heyward (#97) celebrates with head coach, Mike Tomlin, after their 39-38 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Heinz Field. | Christopher Horner / Tribune-Review

Watt and Cam Heyward, both, have been “leaked” to possess “Superstar X-Factor” abilities in this year’s version of the game!

T.J. Watt (LB) – Unstoppable Force: Pass rush wins lead to quicker block shedding

Cameron Heyward (DE) – Fear-monger: Chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the series, a few years ago, the people over at EA Sports implemented “Superstar X-Factors” for players. A “Superstar X-Factor” can help you “Win the game in clutch moments with skills that mirror the NFL player’s real-life skill set,” according to EA themselves.

This sounds about right for these two Steelers’ defensive playmakers! Watt appears to power up in real-life NFL action and he already plays the game like a video game character anyway! And Heyward can help you crush competition with his “Fear-monger” ability to get to your opponent’s quarterback as quickly as possible! He fights off blocks impressively in real-life, so it should come as no surprise he’ll be able to do the same in EA Sports’ Madden 23! 


What do yinz think about Watt and Heyward possessing Superstar X-Factor abilities on EA Sports’ Madden 23? Sound off in the comment section below, or on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram!



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