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Ben Roethlisberger: “We’ve got a long way to go.”

Caitlyn Epes / Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger: “We’ve got a long way to go.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers were able to overcome a second half deficit on Monday night against the Chicago Bears and win their fourth straight game.  The Steelers’ offense is looking more and more developed each week and the defense continues to step up when needed.  The offense has transitioned to a more balanced attack and is becoming more efficient, as opposed to having to rely on a deep pass downfield to gain decent yardage.  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had one of his best games of the season last week, in throwing for 205 yards with 2 touchdowns and finished with a 111.1 quarterback rating (QBR) and 70% completion percentage.  For reference, his only better game based off QBR came against the Denver Broncos (120.9) and his only better game based off completion percentage was against the Seattle Seahawks (72.5%).  These prove the offense is able to methodically move the ball down the field and is effective in protecting the ball.  Roethlisberger took some time on Wednesday before practice to meet with the media to talk about Monday night and the offense’s preparation heading into Week 10.



Monday night ended on a game winning drive, which was Roethlisberger’s 50th of his career.  That drive not only won the Steelers the game, but Roethlisberger’s 50th, which ranks 3rd all-time in the NFL and broke the tie with Tom Brady at 49.  It was no wonder Roethlisberger spent about half of his press conference talking about the last offensive drive.  When asked about what was different on that drive compared to the first three quarters, Roethlisberger explained:

“It’s one of those things where it’s usually the tempo,” he said. “If you can pick the pace up and call the plays, no huddle, things like that. The defense sometimes gets more basic, they kind of stick to something. I just felt going into that last drive they had had some success with their 22-man defense, so I assumed that’s what we’d be seeing. I kind of called a couple plays where there would be some 22-man beaters and it worked, and we got down the field and we were able to get ourselves in position.”


Being an 18-year veteran, a game-winning drive is something he’s practiced a variety of times, let alone the other 49 times leading up to Monday.  Roethlisberger was asked about how he prepares for those types of game scenarios:

“It makes you realize you stunk the first three quarters,” Roethlisberger said tongue in cheek. “I said at the end of that game, when they scored, they scored quick, which is awesome. I looked up and 1:48 and it made me think that I always joke with Coach Tomlin because whenever we do our two-minute drills in practice, he’ll give me a yardage, time and a timeout or maybe two if I’m lucky. I always joke with him, I’m like do I need a field goal or a touchdown, because obviously a field goal is a lot different. He’s like, ‘You need a touchdown 7,’ so only needing a field goal made a little bit easier.”



With a new and still growing offense, practice-speed and game-speed are two different things.  For the offense to be successful in those crucial late game scenarios, all 11 players have to be in sync with one another.  When talking about how those practice sessions translated into that game-winning drive, Roethlisberger admitted: 

“I thought it was great because that group has struggled in practice during the two-minute drill recently.”  He went onto say, “The defense has had our number the last couple of times we’ve done it. To do it in a game when it really matters is special and I think guys feel that. Would have been nice to get the first down and milk the clock and kick the field goal to win it, but we’ll take it any way we can get it.”


The Steelers will welcome the Detroit Lions to Pittsburgh on Sunday at Heinz Field.  The Lions enter Week 10 coming off their bye week and are sitting on a league-worst 0-8 record.  However, a winless record isn’t putting anyone at ease.  We heard Mike Tomlin’s comments on Tuesday and Roethlisberger echoed those remarks:

“We’re not exactly the best team in football right now,” he explained. “We’ve got a winning record, but if you ask most of the guys in this building, I think they would tell you we’ve got a long way to go. We can’t worry. I know Coach will pull all his nameless grey faces, all these different things, but honestly, they’re an NFL team that’s going to come in here and want to beat us and we want to beat them. I don’t want to look at the records or worry about who they are. They’re trying to get a win and so are we.”


The Steelers will be preparing this week to extend their win streak to five games.


What are you looking for in practice this week?  What do you think the offense needs to work on going into Sunday?  Let us know in the comments below!


Growing up in Pennsylvania, the Steelers played a major role in my life. I have watched every game since 2001 and have an entire closet solely dedicated to Steelers jerseys. You can find me on Twitter at @TheBenSauce_duh and Instragram at @benmic_alien. I now live in the Charlotte branch of Steeler Nation. I can't wait to share my passion for all things Steelers with you!

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