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2022 NFL Draft Selections

Cam and Connor Heyward Share Their 2022 ‘Path to the Draft’ Story on NFL Network the Only Way the Heyward Brothers Could

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Cam and Connor Heyward Share Their 2022 ‘Path to the Draft’ Story on NFL Network the Only Way the Heyward Brothers Could

We can already tell that this Pittsburgh Steelers locker room is going to be extremely funny in 2022. Cam Heyward and newly drafted Connor Heyward, joined NFL Network on Thursday this week to share their Path to the Draft experience, and boy was it a treat to see these two brothers express their loving and competitive relationship towards each other in the only way these two Heyward brothers knew how. Their playful connection and bond was on full display, even before the cameras officially got rolling. Check out this hilarious clip from NFL Network below:

Cam will be entering his 12th year in the league and is showing no signs of slowing down for 2022. He’s already a 3x First Team All-Pro selection, a 1x Second Team All-Pro selection, a 5x Pro Bowler, and the Steelers’ defensive captain. Connor was drafted in the sixth round (208th overall) in the 2022 NFL Draft out of Michigan State, and will be looking to make the Steelers’ 53-man roster as either a fullback, tight end, special teams player, or all of the above. When asked about Connor’s draft day experience, of course Connor had to mess with Cam just a little bit…

“This jerk thought it was going to be funny to not tell me what was going on,” Cam said about Connor while he was on the phone with Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin. “He stormed off and I walked in after him. Then, as soon as I got to the door, the phone rang and it was a number. I couldn’t see the number, if I saw ‘4-1-2’, I was going to be overly excited. But when I saw somebody called, I looked at the [TV] screen, and it said ‘Chicago’s [Bears] pick is in.’ So I thought he was going to Chicago, and was like ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool.’ But then I started paying attention and I heard coach Tomlin talking, and I was like, ‘Maybe that’s coach T?’ And so then, I was like, ‘Who is it?’ And he [Connor] was like, ‘Hold on one second.’ And I’m like, ‘Ok. He would’ve been told me it was the Steelers.’ And then he blew past me and just went to go talk to everybody else. I’m like, ‘Bro.’ And then I got a call from coach Tomlin like two minutes later, he’s talking about, ‘We got ’em.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ And I’m like, ‘This dude literally had the nerve to just walk past me and not tell me he got drafted by the team. So, I will make sure I repay him handsomely for this.”

A lot of laughs and smiles were shared telling this story and I’m sure it’s a moment their family will never forget.

Cam Heyward Connor Heyward

Cam (left) and Connor (right), the Heyward brothers. |

Connor Heyward and Steelers keeping it in the family

Connor joining the Steelers officially makes that a total of FOUR sets of brothers on the active roster.

“Keepin’ it in the family” via

Cam and Connor go on to talk about the possibility of them rooming together in training camp, their sibling rivalry, and making sure Connor understands the “Steelers Way.”

To watch the full video of their interview with NFL Network, click here.


We also want to take this opportunity to wish Cam a very special happy birthday today!


So what do yinz think? Can Connor make an immediate impact for this Steelers in 2022 and follow in Cam’s footsteps? What better mentor than your big brother, right? Click to comment below!


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