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Cowher: “I’d be very surprised if [Ben] didn’t have a great year this year”

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Cowher: “I’d be very surprised if [Ben] didn’t have a great year this year”

A lot has been made about the status of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for this upcoming year. Although the team found success last season, Roethlisberger himself and the offense struggled to find consistency throughout their play. Although Roethlisberger did not have an awful year, he certainly did not live up to the expectations you have for a future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Recently, there have been many reports floating around suggesting that Roethlisberger has been on a strict diet for the 2021 off-season, comparing his routine to the one that Tom Brady put himself on years ago. Whether or not that report is true, it is good to see a 18-year veteran still try and make an effort to keep himself in the best type of shape. Last season, he threw for close to 4,000 yards and was in the top 10 in touchdowns at the quarterback position with 33 total. That was done last year with a depleted offensive line and a non-existing rushing attack.

Obviously, the organization put an emphasis on prioritizing the running game over everything else this off-season, especially with the selection of University of Alabama running back Najee Harris with their first round selection. Harris was one of the top rushers in the SEC last season and should have been a part of the Heisman Trophy Race. Not only did the Steelers organization go against the norm by selecting a rusher in the first round, but they are also throwing all of their eggs into one basket, surrounding Roethlisberger with weapons on the offensive side that will take some of the pressure off of Roethlisberger himself. Not the typical route an organization goes to when their quarterback is getting up there in age.



With all that being said, there is plenty of excitement about this upcoming offensive game plan throughout the Steelers building and that excitement seems to be shared by some former Steeler legends. Former head coach Bill Cowher shared his thoughts on the Steelers upcoming season with some members of the Steelers media earlier this week. What he had to say should bring a smile to all of Steeler Nation’s faces.

“I’d be very surprised if [Ben] didn’t have a great year this year,” Cowher said, per Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Brian Batko. “He’s a Hall of Fame player — first ballot, no question about it — but yet he continues to play the game with a great passion, as a great competitor, and I think you’ll see that this year.”





Cowher is slated to officially be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame next month in Canton, Ohio days before the Steelers Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys. Cowher is the one who drafted Roethlisberger into this league and was the one who trusted him to be this team’s franchise quarterback. Even though there is a history with both of these guys, hearing that sort of confidence coming from a future Hall of Famer’s mouth has to have some validity to it. Only time will tell and this season is coming sooner than we think. We can only hope for better results than what we had in 2020 and I think we are more than set up to be successful. 


Are you confident in Roethlisberger this season? Sound off below!


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