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DE Chris Wormley was a key to victory against his former team on Sunday

Caitlyn Epes / Pittsburgh Steelers

DE Chris Wormley was a key to victory against his former team on Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers came up with their biggest win of the season on Sunday as they defeated the top seed in not only the AFC as a whole, but more specifically the AFC North division, the Baltimore Ravens. The game was won 20-19 in a typical Steelers/Ravens defensive battle until the clock hit zero. The Steelers defense as a whole unit stepped up in a way that I do not think most expected, especially after last week’s 41-10 blowout loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. This week was a completely different story as our defensive front delivered an elite performance that anchored the rest of our defensive success. 

A good reason for that success is because of the performance of our defensive end, Chris Wormley. After being involved in an inner-division trade with these same Ravens for just a 5th round in 2020, Wormely struggled to find playing time on the defensive front throughout the season and when he did, he didn’t look 100 percent comfortable while doing so. It wasn’t until an injury to a potential season ending injury to defensive lineman Tyson Alualu that we started to hear Wormely’s name contributing in a way that allowed him to have a more dominant role on this team. Although Wormley does not have a particularly long NFL resume as of yet, he has already surpassed his season high in sacks (2.5) and did it in just one game this past weekend. 



Against his former team, Wormley had his best game yet as an NFL player. He combined for a total of 5 combined tackles (3 solo, 2 assisted) and paired that with 2.5 sacks on Lamar Jackson, which we all know is a tough task in itself. Our defensive front had an absolute field day yesterday against a depleted Ravens offensive line, setting the tone for how the game was going to play out. After struggling with mobile quarterbacks the past couple of weeks, the Steelers kept Jackson in the pocket as much as possible, putting Lamar in situations that he is not most comfortable with. A lot of that has to do with the constant pressure that our leaders T.J. Watt and Cam Heyward apply to the quarterback each time the ball is snapped, but Wormley definitely deserves a lot of credit for last night’s performance.

“Anytime you’re playing a division opponent, the way these last couple of weeks have gone, this is definitely a big boost for us. We have a game in four days, so I think it’s a quick turnaround. But I think at the end of the day, we needed this win and we got it, and we fought hard as hell for it. I’m proud of the guys for it.” Wormley continued following the win over the Ravens. “Our rush lanes were the biggest thing. Keeping the edge with TJ [Watt] and Alex [Highsmith], Cam and I, and the other guys pushing the pocket and for the most part, we did that.


During Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s post game presser, he was asked about the contributions that Wormely made against his former team. Tomlin responded with another one of his well known one liners in regards to the trade that sent Wormley to the Steelers alerting to the fact that when a team trades you to another team in their own division, it really says what that team thought about you from the start. This gave the second year Steeler that extra motivation that he needed in order to capture this win. 

“It was extra motivation, extra importance for us to get the win. Also on a personal level to kind of show them [Ravens] what they gave away and I’m excited about it,” Wormley said.



Wormley’s contribution has been noticed this season. Alualu being out for the season gave him the opportunity to showcase just what he can do on the football field. Although given the opportunity in 2020, Wormley has taken this chance he has received through the 2021 campaign and ran with it and can only hope to continue to do so. With Isaiah Buggs being inactive the past few games with an injury, it doesn’t look like Wormley will be losing his role any time soon.




Has Chris Wormley done enough to solidify himself as an everyday role player on this team? Comment below!


I am a 24 year old die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan from upstate NY. I can safely say that I have not missed a single Steelers game over the last 16 years. Always thankful to my dad for raising me a fan of the black & gold. Love writing about anything Steelers related, trying to get the breaking news to the best fans in the NFL! Follow me on twitter @JonClark_7 & HERE WE GO!

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