Highlights from the Podcast Interview with Kevin Dotson


By Carlos Goncalves

“When you are a kid, you’re dreaming that you get drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team you root for every Sunday no matter what. The one you follow since you were a little kid following in your dad’s footsteps”. Now fast forward and wake up. It’s Sunday, April 26th and the 2020 NFL Draft ended yesterday. Your name is Kevin Dotson and the dream of playing in the NFL for your favorite team has just come true. Welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers, young man!

Sounds like a movie, right? Few people experience this amazing, even “ridiculous” feeling that this can be. Fans follow the Steelers year in and year out. They live, suffer, and rejoice all the moments that a season brings. Especially when you are a fanatic of the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the best family owned franchises in the NFL with a worldwide cult following. 

Now imagine being that kind of fan and getting to play for your team? Man that must feel like cloud 9! In this case, it really happened to Kevin Dotson, senior right guard of the Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette, who was just drafted by his favorite team!

G.Stryker, our podcast host, interviewed Kevin Dotson, who worked his butt off through high school and college to make his dream of playing in the NFL come true. The cherry on top is he gets to play for his favorite team: the Pittsburgh Steelers! In the podcast, you’ll hear about Kevin’s beginnings with the Cajuns, having to earn a spot on the field since freshman year, and becoming the first Ragin’ Cajun in the history of the program to earn 1st Team All-American honors. He explains how he met teammate and fellow draftee Robert Hunt, how they immediately hit it off, became roommates, and played their entire five-year college career right next to each other. They celebrated together when Hunt was taken in the 2nd round by the Miami Dolphins, then celebrated again when Big Dot was taken in the 4th. Stryker got to test Kevin’s trivia knowledge regarding a new Steeler teammate, and learn how his love of trivia helped him on the Wonderlic test.

Dotson tells his experiences while being drafted by the Steelers and how great it was for he and his dad, who is the reason why Kevin is a lifelong Steeler fan. His dad recognized Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin’s voice on the phone when Kevin was drafted. This is because Kevin made sure his dad could meet and talk with Tomlin at the end of a Zoom meeting during his pre-draft interviews. An unforgettable moment for any Steeler fan.   

Dotson also explains how he feels about the upcoming competition for a possible starting spot at left guard for next season, and his social media blowing up from all of Steeler Nation reaching out to congratulate one of their own for being drafted by their the team. 

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