How the Steelers Can Fix Their Coaching Situation

Fire Joey Porter: Bud Dupree hasn’t developed much. Everything T.J. Watt has done has been due to his own athletic talent; his hand usage as a passer rusher hasn’t improved much, and Porter is responsible for that. (Done.)


Fire or demote Keith Butler: Butler, as a defensive coordinator, has one of the best blitzing schemes in the league. He consistently gets to the QB without top-tier pass rushers. His rushes and use of inside stunts are creative and efficient. His defense is always near the top in total sacks. This year, they tied for 1st in sacks with Kansas City, who have solid pass rushers in Dee Ford and Chris Jones. They finished just ahead of Chicago and Minnesota, who have players like Kahlil Mack and Danielle Hunter, respectively. While Watt has been tremendous, he spends a significant amount of time in coverage and doesn’t always win one-on-one. And once you get past him, the Steelers pass rushers are well-below average. But, the job Butler does with coverage schemes is absolutely horrendous. Multiple times, linebackers have been in one-on-one coverage on opposing teams’ No. 1 Wide receivers in clutch situations. The defense has given up multiple 3rd & Long’s during what should have been crucial stops. There is a clear and complete lack of turnovers or big play ability, and the loss of Ryan Shazier has been detrimental. Shazier could cover even top-tier Wide Receivers and he did a great job turning the ball over. He could make the Keith Butler defense work, but, quite simply, the coach needs to adapt his scheme to his talent, not vice versa. And he hasn’t done that. Time for him to go. Maybe back to LB coach or as an assistant of sorts. Something else that could work would be to be give the title to Butler, but let him work with LBs and make someone else the primary play-caller/coordinator.


Do not fire Mike Tomlin: Very few can handle the personalities he has, and definitely not someone looking for a job in 2019. He has been one of the most consistent, solid Head Coach’s in the league and now is not the time to dip into the HC frenzy. Get him a man in the booth or assistant (maybe Jim Caldwell) who can help with things like challenges.


Give Mike Munchak more power: Munchak has been terrific for the Pittburgh Steelers. Other teams have been interviewing him to possibly take up a HC position, but that would be a huge blow to the team. Making Munchak assistant HC or something similar could help the team and incentivize him to stay in PIttsburgh.


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