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PFF Loves The O-Line On Sunday Night Performance

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PFF Loves The O-Line On Sunday Night Performance

After the Pittsburgh Steelers win on Sunday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks, the entire city of Pittsburgh was in a great mood. As they should be.

A game that was exciting even through the overtime period that was capped off with a vintage field goal kick by Chris Boswell. After the game, Pro Football Focus came out with their ratings for every player of the game and the Steelers offensive line seemed to stand out. 

Before I get crucified, the ratings done by PFF are their opinion and evaluation, not mine. They watch every single snap of the game and each players’ individual play. I would love to say I do the same but I am unable to, nor do I have the time. As a result, they are one of the places that I go to for data on how well players are playing. With that being said, their ratings are subjective.



Now with that disclaimer over, the ratings for the offense are extremely good looking for the majority of the offensive line. The top offensive players for the Steelers are:

TE Pat Freiermuth: 74.1 (45 snaps)
G Kevin Dotson: 70.0 (75 snaps)
WR James Washington: 69.9 (8 snaps)
G Trai Turner: 69.1 (75 snaps)
C Kendrick Green: 68.7 (75 snaps)


As you can notice, 3/5 top rated players were offensive linemen, including rookie Kendrick Green and second year player, Kevin Dotson. This is an extremely good sign because one of the biggest, if not the biggest, question marks was the inexperienced and young offensive line. For the unit to be able to perform so well on a primetime game at home is a really good sign for the unit.



Also to note, the rookie Freiermuth played really well and his PFF rating reflects this. Also, Chase Claypool was the lowest rated offensive player at a 47.6 rating with 63 total snaps. Hopefully he will be able to bounce back next week.


Who do you think had the best performance? Do you feel any better about the offensive line or any single player after this past weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


I’ve grown up for the first 20 years of my life in the great state of Connecticut, where I grew up in a small southeastern town of Old Lyme. In 2017, I attended Penn State in State College, PA, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. My first year, I minored in Business in Liberal arts and ultimately switched my minor to Planetary Astronomy in my Sophomore year because of my love of astrophysics and astronomy. As a student, I was the host of two 60-minute radio shows, one solo and the other with a friend of mine. I love all things sports and I don’t root for any team in particular, although if the Steelers start winning playoff games, I’m open to became a fan! I now live in Homestead, PA, about 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Follow me on all socials!

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