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2022 Steelers Quarterback “Fun Is Over,” Says Aditi Kinkhabwala; “They Knew From The Start,” Mitch Trubisky A Steady 1st On Depth Chart

Jordan Schofield / SteelerNation (Twitter: @JSKO_PHOTO)

2022 Steelers Quarterback “Fun Is Over,” Says Aditi Kinkhabwala; “They Knew From The Start,” Mitch Trubisky A Steady 1st On Depth Chart

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to open the 2022 campaign against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at 1pm ET. The Steelers released the depth chart and list of captains for the regular season on Monday. Aditi Kinkhabwala joined the PM Team w/ Poni & Mueller on Labor Day to discuss the latest Steelers news and the upcoming NFL season. Andrew Fillipponi had already discerned the devastating news that Kenny Pickett was third on the depth chart and Kinkhabwala did her best to console him with a reason the Steelers might have made the decision.

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PITTSBURGH, PA – AUGUST 28: Kenny Pickett #8 of the Pittsburgh Steelers in action during the game against the Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium on August 28, 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

“We’ve all had fun with how well Kenny Pickett has played under the lights in the preseason games,” Kinkhabwala said. “But we’ve known from the start that Mitch Trubisky would be the starter. All through camp, we knew he would be the starter.”

The We Need To Talk co-host from CBS Sports makes an excellent point. Mike Tomlin announced a depth chart at the beginning of camp and despite the preseason success of Pickett, all three quarterbacks had good moments during the preseason.

“It’s not as if he [Tomlin] came out and suddenly for two straight weeks had Kenny Pickett taking the first team reps,” Kinkhabwala continues. “I’ve talked to several coaches within that organization who are extremely pleased with Kenny Pickett’s progress and also question what is the rush to start a rookie?”

Steelers Kenny Pickett

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Kenny Pickett (#8) participates in the 2022 preseason finale against the Detroit Lions at Acrisure Stadium on August 28th in Pittsburgh, PA. | Jordan Schofield / SteelerNation (Twitter: @JSKO_PHOTO)

Very few rookies in the history of the NFL have enjoyed team success during their inaugural campaign. Players like John Elway and Peyton Manning had horrendous rookie seasons before becoming Hall of Fame quarterbacks. However, for every Elway and Manning you can find a Jamarcus Russell, Heath Shuler or David Carr. Recently, college programs have done a better job of preparing NFL quarterbacks for early success but a natural transition that involves holding a clipboard is still the best recipe for success.

Teams are under a lot of pressure when they take a first-round quarterback, because if he is competent, a window opens where you are perceived as a Super Bowl contender. Russell Wilson made back-to-back Super Bowls and was one horrible call to pass on the goal line away from consecutive championships. When his rookie deal ended, they paid a premium and the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl window closed. The entire NFL is watching the Kansas City Chiefs now that Tyreek Hill left the team in pursuit of a huge contract to play in Miami, to see if the Chiefs window has now closed.

Steelers Trubisky Throwing

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky (#10) throwing a pass during a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday, August 13, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by: Abigail/Pittsburgh Steelers

Trubisky, despite being the second pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, took a backup role last season in Buffalo to resurrect his career. Interestingly enough, the preseason favorite in the AFC Buffalo Bills, gave Josh Allen a huge contract last season and their window is considered wide open.

“I was there in Buffalo when Josh Allen was drafted,” Kinkhabwala recalls. “I have what I think are very warm fabulous relationships with the current general manager in Buffalo. I think the world of Brian Daboll who of course is the offensive coordinator that is alleged to have completely retooled Josh Allen’s throwing motion. Sometimes the change is as much mental as it is physical. He [Trubisky] said it in his first press conference that he saw how a good organization was supposed to run and coming to Pittsburgh felt the same.”

Fillipponi to his credit has said for weeks that he has accepted Trubisky’s position on top of the depth chart. It is understandable to want the magic that Pickett radiates, but it is wiser to ensure that it is not just a cheap preseason flash in the pan. A veteran quarterback who has been to the playoffs and a promising first round draft pick is a luxury that most teams replacing a Hall of Fame quarterback are just not afforded. The Steelers can’t afford to squander the opportunity.

Steelers Release Initial Depth Chart; Rookie Quarterback Kenny Pickett Listed As 3rd String

The Pittsburgh Steelers have not been in this situation in a long time. No matter what the situation was over the last two decades, Ben Roethlisberger was a constant and he never had a losing season. It will not be easy to replace him and if handled incorrectly, the black and gold could spend two decades looking for their next star quarterback. Pickett shines brightly in a Steelers uniform, patience with his young career is warranted to make sure that he is a star that will be fixed in the night sky over Pittsburgh for a long time.


What do you think, Steeler Nation? Are you ready to get behind Mitch Trubisky? Please comment below or on my Twitter @thebubbasq.

I have been rooting for the Steelers actively since 1975. I love the Black and Gold and support them through thick and thin. I am a Navy Veteran, living in Jacksonville, FL and never miss a chance to go to the neutral site games here in Jacksonville. I am new to the Steeler Nation website, but I love discussing Steelers Past, Present and Future.



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  2. Maurice Trent

    September 6, 2022 at 8:02 pm

    I am riding Mitch all the way to the Super Bowel! He is a winner and just needed the right organization to give him a chance to prove it!

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