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Cam Heyward On Ravens Rivalry: “The game has changed because of this game”

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Cam Heyward On Ravens Rivalry: “The game has changed because of this game”

55 games in the regular season. 4 playoff games. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have matched up and have formed one of the biggest rivalries in pro football. A quick history of the rivalry shows that the feud began in the early 2000’s when both teams were at the peak of their powers. In a time when you had matchups like Ray Lewis against Ben Roethlisberger, many people would run to their televisions to watch these games. As a young child, just beginning to watch football in the late 2000’s, the primetime Ravens vs. Steelers games were always must watch, even for a kid from Connecticut. I am not alone in my admiration of this epic rivalry either.



“The game has changed because of this game,” said Steelers defensive lineman Cam Heyward, who has played several games in the rivalry. “Whether it’s the Hines Ward blocks, the hard hitting, the Ryan Clark hits. And then you look at the splash plays. Troy Polamalu. Lawrence Timmons. The Antonio Brown catch on the head. Them breaking Ben’s nose… There’s countless guys that have stood out. And you will be remembered for the games you play versus Baltimore.”

As I am looking online to find old games between the teams, I reminisce about my first few games watching the team. One of the oldest games I can possibly remember was that 2015 AFC Wild Card Game. The Ravens won 30-17 and this was one of the years where Joe Flacco was in the argument of best quarterback in the league. This was also the first time beating the Steelers after losses in 2018 and 2010. I remember being in high school and watching this game as I was really into watching the screaming matches that happened between First Take hosts, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. That was how I found out there was the game that weekend as I was more focused on trying to pass my pre-calculus homework than football. I must have been free that night because I definitely remember watching that game and thinking Joe Flacco would take over the league. It was a sad game for the Steelers but I was under the impression that the Ravens were the best team in the AFC that year. I was proven wrong the next round but that Steelers game was awesome.



In this rivalry, the two coaches have matched up against each other 32 times over their careers. Mike Tomlin leads the matchup over John Harbaugh 15-14 (2-1 in the playoffs). A truly all-time battle among two head coaches and franchises that have been around for quite some time, especially the Steelers.


Do you think there are any other rivalries in other sports that can compare to this NFL battle? Let me know in the comments below!


I’ve grown up for the first 20 years of my life in the great state of Connecticut, where I grew up in a small southeastern town of Old Lyme. In 2017, I attended Penn State in State College, PA, majoring in Broadcast Journalism. My first year, I minored in Business in Liberal arts and ultimately switched my minor to Planetary Astronomy in my Sophomore year because of my love of astrophysics and astronomy. As a student, I was the host of two 60-minute radio shows, one solo and the other with a friend of mine. I love all things sports and I don’t root for any team in particular, although if the Steelers start winning playoff games, I’m open to became a fan! I now live in Homestead, PA, about 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Follow me on all socials!

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