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2020 Season

SN Podcast: Interview with Mike Logan 1/19/21: G.Stryker is honored to welcome the hard hitting safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL championship team: Mike Logan They discuss what it’s like to grow up in Pittsburgh and ultimately playing and winning a Super Bowl for your hometown team.

SN Podcast: The 2020 Season is Officially Over 1/12/21: The story of the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers has come to a close.  Covid-19, no bye weeks, injuries, elbows, and free agents ending in a playoff implosion.  Plus G.Stryker and Jordan DiFigio get a surprise visit from former Cleveland Browns All-World tackle Joe Thomas!

SN Podcast: Covid 19 is the Wild Card 1/5/21: The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting healthy, thanks to a well needed week off for the team captains.  Now it’s back to playing the Cleveland Browns, again, but will the NFL have to postpone the game due to the Browns’ current Covid 19 outbreak?  G.Stryker and Bill Washinski talk through all of the possibilities.

SN Podcast: With Guest Host John Jackson! 12/29/20: Pittsburgh Steelers starting offensive tackle of Super Bowl XXX John Jackson joins G.Stryker to talk about the win against the Colts, playoff possibilities, and of course, the good old days when he played for the Steelers in late 80s through most of the 90s.

SN Podcast: Can the Ship be Righted? 12/22/20: After a 3 game losing streak, with each performance looking worse than the last, the Pittsburgh Steelers are no longer taking on water; They are sinking!  Can Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger right the ship in time for smooth sailing toward a 7th Lombardi trophy?  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek will talk us through the rough waters and answer many messages in bottles from Steeler Nation!

SN Podcast: Playoff Bound and 1 Win from a Divisional Crown 12/15/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek are back again after the first losing streak of the season.  Can the Steelers get back on track and win the division on Monday Night Football?  All of your questions will soon be answered!

SN Podcast: First Loss of the Season…in December! 12/8/20: So the Pittsburgh Steelers finally lost a game, and it took until December for it to happen!  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek break down what went wrong and how to fix it.  So get all of your questions answered, and some you didn’t even know you had on this week’s SN Podcast!

SN Podcast: When a Win Feels Like a Loss 12/4/20: It took longer for the NFL to reschedule the Thanksgiving Day game than it did for me to go through my turkey leftovers.  Join G.Stryker and Jordan DiFigio as they talk about Wednesday afternoon football, against the biggest turkeys of all: the Baltimore Ravens.

SN Podcast: Covid Rant 12/1/20: G.Stryker can’t take anymore of this Covid Craziness and has to rant about it since the official Steeler Nation Podcast was pushed back until Friday at 2pm EST.

SN Podcast: Steel Undefeated 11/17/20: The Pittsburgh Steelers showed the young Cincinnati Bengals, that they are still not our rival.  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek discuss the dominating defensive performance and incredible game in windy conditions by Ben Roethlisberger.  We break down this upcoming matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars and answer many questions from Steeler Nation!

SN Podcast: Covid Comes to Pittsburgh 11/10/20: After 3 straight road games the Pittsburgh Steelers have to deal with a Covid-19 scare in their locker room. G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek discuss the Dallas Cowboys game, Big Ben’s toughness, the Division matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, and field questions from Steeler Nation!

SN Podcast:Interview with Avery Williamson 11/5/20: G.Stryker gets to welcome newest Pittsburgh Steeler: Avery Williamson to Steeler Nation!  We discuss his football journey, this crazy week being traded, and the joy of sacking Ben Roethlisberger when he did it TWICE as a rookie on Monday Night Football!

SN Podcast: 2 Game Lead in the Toughest Division 11/3/20: The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens faced off in the greatest rivalry in professional sports, and put on another unforgettable performance. G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek break down how they beat Lamar Jackson despite being out gained by 200 yards.  Then they delve into the upcoming matchup against the Dallas Cowboys and answer questions from Steeler Nation.

SN Podcast: Only Unbeaten in the NFL! 10/27/20: The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only UNDEFEATED team left in the NFL.  This is the first time in team history this has happened.  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek rejoice, then break down the Baltimore Ravens rivalry game this weekend.

SN Podcast: Can the Steelers’ D Stop Henry? 10/20/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek to break down the first complete game of the  Pittsburgh Steelers this season, and try to figure out how to stop Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans.  All while taking live questions from Facebook and Twitter!

SN Podcast: Breaking Down the Browns with Joe Thomas 10/13/20: 10 time Pro Bowler and 8 time All Pro offensive tackle of the Cleveland Browns: Joe Thomas, joins G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek to break down the Browns matchup this weekend.

SN Podcast: Football After a Forced Bye Week 10/7/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek return to talk about this past week when the Tennessee Titans Covid-19 outbreak canceled their game.  Will they receive compensation?  Another bye week?  A draft pick?  Listen to hear our crazy theories.

SN Podcast: Will the Titans Game be Covid Cancelled? 9/29/20: The Steelers are 3-0 and sitting alone atop the AFC North.  The only problem is, we don’t know if they will play this week’s game!  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek are joined by former Pittsburgh Steeler safety Robert Golden, and they will go over the last game, matchups for the upcoming game vs the Tennessee Titans, and give you all of the up to date information on whether or not a game will be played on Sunday.

SN Podcast: Two & Oh! 9/22/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek are enjoying the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers.  Even if the win was ugly, we’ll take it, but we’ll complain about it a bit too!

SN Podcast: Steelers Win! but Lose some Key Players 9/15/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek are back to talk about the great first win, as well as some terrible losses the Pittsburgh Steelers suffered due to injury.

SN Podcast: Are You Ready for Some Football? 9/10/20: Are you ready for some football?  The NFL starts today.  G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek couldn’t be any happier about it!  Listen as they discuss the roster, depth chart, practice squad, and the matchup against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

SN Podcast: End of Training Camp 9/3/20: G.Stryker breaks down the latest injury and training camp news as the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ training camp winds down and approaches the roster cuts on Saturday.

SN Podcast: Fantasy Football Special 8/30/20: G.Stryker and resident Fantasy Football guru Matt Papiernik get together and go over the top 3 picks and top 3 sleepers at each position as well as Matt’s Top Ten targets for the first round of your fantasy draft.

SN Podcast: Training Camp News 8/27/20: G.Stryker fills Steeler Nation in on all of the Pittsburgh Steeler Training Camp news, injuries, camp battles, and the maturation of Ben Roethlisberger.

SN Podcast: Live Drills at Training Camp 8/20/20: Sports Writers G.Stryker and Mike Stiffler from talk about the start of live tackling drills at training camp, position battles, and project the opening day roster.

SN Podcast: Covid Updates from Training Camp 8/11/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek are together again for a rousing hour of Steeler talk. We’ll update you on the news from training camp and the new rules and technology used to fight Covid-19.

SN Podcast: Training Camp is Starting! 7/29/20: SteelerNation.Com writers G.Stryker and Zach Herbaugh discuss the opening of training camp, explain the NFL/NFLPA agreement, and discuss the latest Steeler News.

SN Podcast: Madden Rankings and Top 10 Steeler WRs! 7/21/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek discuss the latest Steeler News, thoughts on players and fans returning to play during Covid-19, Madden player ratings, and the Top 10 Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receivers of all time!

SN Podcast: Interview with Levon Kirkland 7/16/20: G.Stryker interviews Levon “Captain Kirk” Kirkland of the ’90’s Blitzburgh defense, as they discuss what it was like for Kirkland to play under excellent coaches such as Bill Cowher, Dick Lebeau, Marvin Lewis, Mike Holmgren, and Andy Reid

SN Podcast: Interview with Ed Bouchette 7/14/20: G.Stryker chats with long time sports reporter and current Steelers Reporter at, Ed Bouchette. Will football return this year? What current Pittsburgh Steelers are Hall of Fame bound? Find out on the podcast!

SN Podcast: Top 10 RB’s and DL’s in Steeler History 7/8/20: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek go over the two SteelerNation articles for Top 10 Running Backs and Top 10 Defensive Linemen. Are they in the right order? Did they miss anyone? Listen to find out!

SN Podcast: Steeler News & the Largest Contract in Sports History! 7/7: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek get together to discuss the new bank breaking contract of Patrick Mahomes, the New England Patriots cheating punishment for Spygate 2.0, and all of the current off-season news for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

SN Podcast:Interview with Robert Golden 7/3: G.Stryker sits down with former Pittsburgh Steelers special teams captain and strong safety Robert Golden. Listen for insight into this amazing man’s career and life. Also learn what made him such a great punt team quarterback!

SN Podcast: Steeler Talk with Hunter Homistek: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek get together for a lively discussion of the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ off-season, the top 10 linebackers, and top 10 cornerbacks in Steelers history.

SN Podcast: Interview with Jeff Reed 6/15: We all know Jeff Reed has a big leg, but after this podcast, we know he has an even bigger heart. G.Stryker shares an intimate, fun conversation with the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ two-time Super Bowl winning kicker.

SN Podcast: Interview with Chad Brown 6/9: G.Stryker sits down for a video chat with Chad Brown, as they discuss his time and success with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and also his passion for travel, @ SNAKES!

SN Podcast: Interview with Terance Mathis 5/29: G.Stryker gets to talk with former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Terance Mathis. We discuss what it was like to play for his favorite childhood team, how he and Hines Ward got off to a rocky start, and how he helped Plaxico Burress become a better receiver.

SN Podcast: Steelers Talk with Jordan DeFigio 5/28: Join sports writers G.Stryker and Jordan DeFigio as they discuss a potpourri of Pittsburgh Steelers news and break down the fan’s perspective.  New babies, returning from injuries, and projecting this year’s team, we discuss it all!

SN Podcast: Covid-19 in Sports with Dan Lust 5/27: G.Stryker converses with sports attorney, Dan Lust to discuss how COVID-19 is currently affecting the sports landscape, and how sports can safely reopen. Will we have an NFL Season? Listen to find out!

SN Podcast: SN Podcast: Interview with Alex Highsmith 5/21: G.Stryker had the pleasure of getting to know newly drafted linebacker, Alex Highsmith. We talked about grilling, Marvel movies, spirituality, love, and of course, his incredible football journey that has led him to the Pittsburgh Steelers!

SN Podcast: Breaking Down the Schedule Part 2 5/12: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek of get carried away breaking down the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 schedule. So much so, that there are two podcasts to enjoy the fun. This is the second part of the podcast going over the 2nd half of the season, and our game by game predictions to determine the Steelers’ record this year.

SN Podcast: Breaking Down the Schedule Part 1 5/11: G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek of get carried away breaking down the Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 schedule.  So much so, that there are 2 podcast to enjoy the fun.  This first part we go over the first half of the schedule, preseason games, and the implications of the NFL trying to get their teams ready to play the regular season, while dealing with a pandemic.

SN Podcast: AFC North Draft Recap Part 2: Rejoin G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek from DK Pittsburgh Sports as they break down the orange teams in the division, so tune in to find out how the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns did this year in the draft.

SN Podcast: AFC North Draft Recap Part 1: When G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek from DK Pittsburgh Sports get together, they can’t stop talking!  That means we have the most in-depth breakdown of the entire AFC North draft over the course of two podcasts.  Today we focus on the Baltimore Ravens draft, so tune in and hear how the reigning AFC North champs just stocked their cupboard.

SN Podcast: Interview with Comedian Joey Mulinaro from Barstool Sports 5/4: Come have a laugh with G.Stryker and Joey Mulinaro, the comedian and sports multi media writer for Barstool Sports.  They have a great time talking about Joey’s past, his comedy career, and of course the Pittsburgh Steelers!

SN Podcast: Interview with Anthony Johnson 4/30: Get to know one of our newest wide receivers: Anthony Johnson, a little better as your host G.Stryker discusses his past and the importance of completing your college degree.

SN Podcast: Interview with Zach Banner 4/29: Jump on the podcast with your host G.Stryker as he interviews Pittsburgh’s favorite Tackle Eligible: Zach Banner!  This podcast dives deep into what makes Zach a great football player and more importantly, a great man.

SN Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Antione Brooks Jr 4/28: G.Stryker gets to share some time with the Steelers’ newest defensive back Antione Brooks Jr.  We’ve all seen his big hits, now hear about his big heart!

SN Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Carlos Davis 4/27: Join your host G.Stryker as he interviews the newly drafted defensive lineman from Nebraska, Carlos Davis.  Carlos lets us know what it was like to be an All American discus thrower, and getting drafted along with his twin brother Khalil Davis this year.

SN Podcast: Steeler Draft Recap 4/27: Sit in and listen to the draft geeks G.Stryker and Hunter Homistek from as they get into the nitty gritty of the Steelers’ roster, and give you more information about the new Steeler Draft picks than any other Steeler news source!

SN Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Kevin Dotson 4/26: G.Stryker has the pleasure of interviewing our newest offensive lineman from the Ragin’ Cajuns Kevin Dotson! Join us as we discuss growing up as a Steeler fan in Louisiana, and even get to test his trivia knowledge.

SN Podcast: Draft Talk 4/21/20: Join Steeler Nation writers G.Stryker and Matt Papiernik, as they discuss team needs, mock drafts, and how this incredibly unique draft will play out.

SN Podcast: Interview with Chris Wormley 4/20/20: Your host G.Stryker has the pleasure to get to know our newest defensive lineman, Chris Wormley, who talks about growing up a Steeler fan in Ohio, and also what it was like to play under both Harbaugh brothers.  You used to root against him, now you’ll be rooting for him!

SN Podcast: PreDraft Talk with Mark Kaboly 4/17/20: Join your host G.Stryker and Steeler beat writer for The Athletic, Mark Kaboly, as they discuss how crazy and unpredictable this draft is going to be.

SN Podcast: Free Agent Frenzy! 3/24/20: Come be apart of the most in-depth podcast you will hear on Free Agency with your host G.Stryker and Pittsburgh Penguins beat writer for The Athletic, Josh Yohe. We discuss the CBA, trades, moves, needs, and draft compensation, all while getting off on fun tangents including some insight into the Pittsburgh Penguins moving forward.  No better way to pass the time in quarantine than to listen to a heated, informative discussion between two Steeler Fanatics!

SN Podcast: Interview with Steven Johnson 3/23/20:  Today G.Stryker got to sit down with Steven Johnson, a linebacker that has done it all.  He’s played in the NFL, AAF, and currently plays for the Seattle Dragons where he led the XFL in tackles and TFLs!  Not only is he a great football player, but he’s also a great person.  He’s not afraid to talk about his hardships, and his uplifting message can really help us all in these times.

SN Podcast: Free Agency Discussion 3/4/20:  Join G.Stryker and fellow SteelerNation.Com sports writer, CJ Lester, as they discuss the upcoming start of free agency.  Who should stay? Who should go? Find out on your podcast!

SN Podcast: Interview with Kendall Simmons 2/19/20:  Get to know the 2 time Super Bowl champion guard of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kendall Simmons with your host G.Stryker.  You will find his heart is just as big as his stature!  Great conversation, and excellent stories from the 2000s Super Bowl era teams!

SN Podcast: Interview with Courtney Hawkins 1/24/20: Get to know former WR/KR/PR Courtney Hawkins as G.Stryker sits down to talk about his life and accomplishments, both on and off the field.

SN Podcast: Free Agency Talk 1/16/20: Join your host G.Stryker and free agency expert Matt Papiernik, as they break down each and every Pittsburgh Steeler UFA, RFA, and ERFA.  Who should stay, and who should go?  Find out on the podcast!

SN Podcast: Interview with Kerrith Whyte 1/7/20: Steeler Nation Podcast host G.Stryker, rings in the new year with a fun, informative interview of Steeler running back Kerrith Whyte.  Listen and get to know one of our newest players in K-Whyte!

2019 Season

SN Podcast: Final Podcast for 2019, Hopefully 2020 will be better: The final podcast of the season finds our host G.Stryker, dealing with the fallout of a disappointing season.  Though all hope this year is lost, we have the return of a franchise QB and a dominant defense to look forward to in 2020!

SN Podcast Week 17 – The Offense is Ho-Ho-Horrible…:  Seasons Greetings Steeler Nation.  Join G.Stryker and Santa Claus by yule log for a fireside chat as they discuss the woeful offense, the dynamic defense, and playoffs.  PLAYOFFS?!?!

SN Podcast Week 16 – Hopefully Those 4 INTs are Water off a Duck’s Back:  Join your host G.Stryker as he goes over the Steelers loss to the Buffalo Bills in depth, responds to the positive injury situation of the team, and breaks down the upcoming game against the Jets.

SN Podcast Week 15 – Football Fantasy Featurette:  Seasons Greetings Steeler Nation!  Cozy up by the fire and enjoy the festive chat between your host G.Stryker and our resident fantasy guru Matt Papiernik as they discuss what players to start, and which players to avoid for your team’s playoff run.  They also revisit the game against the Cardinals and look forward to the matchups this week against the Bills as the Steelers try and play the Grinch to steal the #5 seed in the AFC.

SN Podcast Week 14 – Analysis with Bruce Gradkowski: Hey Steeler Nation, Join your host G.Stryker and Pittsburgh native Bruce Gradkowski as they discuss what it’s like to be a quarterback in the NFL, review Devlin Hodges, and discuss the upcoming matchup against Arizona.

SN Podcast Week 12 – When Did Football Become the WWE?  Join writers G.Stryker and Logan Leslie, as they discuss the offensive struggles, the upcoming matchup with the Bengals, and of course the no holds barred brawl that ended the Cleveland game.

SN Podcast: Interview with Eli Rogers 11/15/19: Come listen to G.Stryker and the talented WR Eli Rogers discuss what it was like to grow up in Miami, play college ball at Louisville, and ultimately become a Pittsburgh Steeler.

SN Podcast Week 11 – Dominant Defense has Returned to Pittsburgh!  Join your host G.Stryker as he paints a picture of the Steeler Nation crowd returning to Pittsburgh.  All thanks to their Dominant Defense!!

SN Podcast Week 10 – Interview with Rocky Bleier Listen in as your host G.Stryker interviews Rocky Bleier.  No one can spin a yarn quite like Rocky, so sit back and enjoy the insight of a Steeler Legend!  Looking for a holiday gift?  Check out his book Fighting Back, as it is now updated with new pictures and extra chapters.  Buy it on Amazon or get the Special Autographed Edition at

SN Podcast Week 8 –Interview with Merril Hoge Hey Steeler Nation!  Join G.Stryker and Merril Hoge as they discuss the resurgence of the running game, and the upcoming game against Miami.  Professor Hoge not only studies football, but also health and brain trauma in his new book Brainwashed available at

SN Podcast Week 7 –It only took the 4th Rostered QB to break the west coast curse! Join G.Stryker as he breaks down the defense, and sadly, more injuries…  Fortunately the bye week couldn’t come at a better time!

SN Podcast Week 6 – Injuries, Injuries, Injuries… Join your host G.Stryker as he paints the picture of the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers.  So grab your brushes and hope for some ‘Happy little accidents’.

SN Podcast Week 5 with Arthur Moats – Steelers Win! Come celebrate the Steelers first win of the season with G.Stryker and Arthur Moats, as they discuss the defense, the young players, and what it’s like to prepare for Ravens rivalry week!

SN Podcast Week 4 – Could it be the Steelers Actually Have a Defense?? G.Stryker sings the blues, er, boy band music, but hey, whatever helps him cope with another loss.  The Steeles are playing better on D so the sky is not falling…yet…

SN Podcast Week 3 – SN Podcast Week 3 – Welcome to the Mason Rudolph Era! – Join G.Stryker as he discusses how injuries are reshaping the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers.  He gives his thoughts on the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade as well as Mason Rudolph getting the keys to the new car.  And can you believe it?  Antonio Brown is still in the news, again!

SN Podcast Week 2 – SN Podcast Week 2: Searching for a Bright Side… – Join G.Stryker as he breaks down the Patriots loss, and tries to find some nuggets of positivity.  Then he breaks down completely discussing Antonio Brown.  Then on to the Seattle game discussion of the home opener.  Always entertaining and unique perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else.

SN Podcast Week 1 – Patriots Week! & WTF is up with AB? – Spend some time with G.Stryker on his own, as he breaks down the Patriots game, how they actually are the team with more drama, Injuries, and how exactly to handle Antonio Brown. This is what happens when Stryker is unleashed!!

SN Podcast – Interview with Punter Ian Berryman 8/19/19 – Join our host G.Stryker as he sits down with Ian Berryman, the Steelers’ newest punter, as they get in depth into special teams talk!

SN Podcast – Talking Training Camp with BMac 8/16/19G.Stryker and Bryant McFadden sit down and discuss the young and new players at Steelers Training Camp.  He provides some insight as a former player and current analyst for CBS Sports.

SN Podcast – Interview with TE Kevin Rader 8/2/19 – Join our host G.Stryker as he sits down with Pittsburgh native Kevin Rader, one of the new tight ends looking to strengthen the position this season.

SN Podcast – Welcome to Camp! 7/30/19 – Join your host G.Stryker and sportswriter Matt Papiernik as they discuss the opening of training camp, and the inside news on who is starting to flash.  Also Matt reviews his article on the top 100 Fantasy Football Players this year.

SN Podcast – Camp Week 7/24/19 – Steelers are approaching camp, and lifelong friends G.Stryker and Merle Rogers get together to talk about it.  They discuss growing up as fans of different teams before both becoming Steeler fans, touch on the WR matchups, Ryan Shazier, and speak some Baltimoreese, to make points about Baltimore fans.  Most of all, they know each other a little too well and have a lot of fun.

SN Podcast – Looking Forward to Latrobe! 6/27/19G.Stryker welcomes Anthony DeFeo, a commentary/feature writer at Behind The Steel Curtain, to discuss the state of the Steelers and what to look for heading into training camp.  You can read his article on 7 things to look for Going into Training Camp here:

SN Podcast – Minicamp! 6/12/19  Join writers G.Stryker and Brandon Wallace as they talk about wide receivers, cornerbacks, and position battles.

SN Podcast – Interview with DK of 6/6/19 Join G.Stryker as he interviews Dejan Kovacevic (DK) of the website We get to know the man behind the website and also touch base on all 3 of Pittsburgh’s pro sports teams, finishing with the new composition of this year’s Pittsburgh Steelers.

SN Podcast – SN Podcast OTAs!! 5/30/19 Come have a listen with SN writers G.Stryker and Adam McCoy, as they discuss OTAs and Steeler News.

SN Podcast – Offseason Update 4/11/19 Join G.Stryker and Justin McGonigle as they discuss the Steelers’ offseason to date.  Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, Ryan Shazier, and the coaching personnel decisions have shaken hard core fans, and we talk through them, therapy style.  So join us as we shed 2018 and look forward to the 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers!

2018 Season

SN Podcast Week 16 – Solving the Patriot Puzzle. Join Stryker and Lambert as they dive into the X’s and O’s to break down how the Steelers outfoxed the team from Foxborough. They discuss the Pro-Bowl players that made the team, and those that were snubbed, and finish up discussing how to slow down the Saint juggernaut on offense.

SN Podcast Week 14 – The Sky is Falling!!  Stryker and Lambert discuss the most recent loss against the Chargers, argue on whether Kelvin Benjamin can help this team, and look forward to the game in the Black Hole.

SN Podcast Week 13 – Should the Steelers Bench Xavier Grimble and James Washington?  Stryker and Lambert discuss the heartbreaking loss at Mile High Stadium, get into the matchups against the bolts, and argue whether Xavier Grimble and James Washington should be benched.

SN Podcast Week 12 – Is Mike Tomlin Coach of the Year?: Join Stryker and Lambert as they discuss the Buzzer Beating victory in Jacksonville, the upcoming Mile High Matchup, and discuss whether Coach Tomlin should be considered for Coach of the Year.

SN Podcast Week 11 – The Le’Veon Bell has tolled, marking the death of his 2018 season: Stryker and Lambert discuss life after Le’Veon, the Steeler’s most dominant win of the year, and a look forward to the matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

SN Podcast Week 10 – SN Podcast Week 10: Bell is Back in Pittsburgh!! Stryker and Lambert discuss the big win in Baltimore, slowing down Cam Newton, and Bell’s return to Pittsburgh.

SN Podcast Week 9 – Stryker and Lambert discuss the Steelers blow out of Cleveland in round two. Then look ahead to Baltimore.

SN Podcast Week 8 – Stryker and Lambert discuss whether the Steelers can keep rolling against Cleveland on Sunday.

SN Podcast Week 7 – Stryker and Lambert go through the Steelers last minute victory, and why Burfict should be kicked out of the league

SN Podcast Week 6 – Stryker and Lambert go through the Steelers blow out of Atlanta and a preview of their week 6 battle in Cincinnati

SN Podcast Week 5 – Stryker and Lambert discuss the disappointing loss at home against Baltimore

SN Podcast Week 4 – Stryker and Lambert talk about the Steelers first win of the season

Host quits, quick hiatus,Steelers are 1-1-1

Former Steelers S Chris Hope joins TJ Wengert for a one on one interview – SN Exclusive Interview with Chris Hope

SN Podcast Week 1 – Episode 1 – TJ Wengert discusses the Steelers offseason

2017 Season

Episode 23

Episode 22

Episode 21

Episode 20 – Corner Mike Hilton joins Tyler Candelaria in studio

Episode 19 – Tyler Candelaria and Justin McGonigle discuss the Steelers win @KC

Episode 18 – with Special guest Digs from Barstool Sports

Episode 17 – Tyler Candelaria breaks down the Steelers loss to Jacksonville

Episode 16 – with Special Guests Chris Mueller

Episode 15 Tyler Candelaria breaks down the Steelers win in Baltimore

Episode 14 with Special Guest OL Chris Hubbard

Episode 13 Tyler Candelaria breaks down the Steelers loss in Chicago

Episode 12 with Special Guest Santonio Holmes

Episode 11 with Guest Jacob Klinger

Episode 10 with Special Guests Chris Mueller

Episode 9 with Special Guests Pat McAfee, and Digs from the Pat McAfee Show

Episode 8 with Special Guest Jacob Klinger from PennLive

Episode 7 with Special Guest Alex Kozora from SteelersDepot

Episode 6 Live with Tyler Candelaria

Episode 4 with Special Guest RB Trey Williams

Episode 3 with Special Guest DE Cam Heyward

Episode 2 with Special Guest LB Arthur Moats

Episode 1 with Special Guest CB Mike Hilton