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Steelers Hall Of Famer Bill Cowher Shares What He Would Do With Frightening 2022 Quarterback Situation

Ed Bouchette / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Steelers Hall Of Famer Bill Cowher Shares What He Would Do With Frightening 2022 Quarterback Situation

Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Bill Cowher recently gave his thoughts on the 2022 QB situation on ESPN‘s First Take and his remarks from the interview were highlighted by 33rd Team on Twitter.

Steelers OC Matt Canada Now Taking the Lead of the Offense

“#1, for Matt Canada, it is an opportunity to completely oversee the offense. Let’s face it, since Ben [Roethlisberger] has been there from the time that he started since I was there, the offense evolved under him. He knew the offense better than any coordinator that came in there and ran the offense very efficiently. Now, Canada has to lead this offense and this young group of quarterbacks. [Mitch] Trubisky is the one with the most NFL experience, Mason Rudolph has the most Steelers experience, and obviously Kenny Pickett was the first round pick,” Cowher said.

Matt Canada knows what he has in all three of the QB’s him and Mike Tomlin are deciding from. But, it is certainly on the players themselves to prove who can be the guy going forward.

Bill Cowher Selected to Pro Football Hall of Fame | Steelers Now

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Cowher Wants to See Leadership, Comfort with the Position

“The biggest thing I want to see is who can take command in the huddle. Who feels the most comfortable, who is the leader. That is something that will take place over time, whether it be in practices, in games, and the biggest thing you have to do is give them equal opportunity. Whether it’s with the first-team, or in the first quarter, or even in the two-minute situation with all three of them,” Cowher continued.

So far, this is starting to happen. Pickett is starting to receive second-team reps and should be on his way to getting first-team reps soon. Rudolph has now taken reps on all three teams, while Trubisky has been strictly with the first or second team.

“At some point for Tomlin and Matt Canada as well, who is my number two? You’re going to have a number one but you’re not really going to know how that’s going to evolve until they are out there. You have not seen any of these guys in the offense, so it is just as important to make sure you have a backup that can come in and give you a spark, the stability that you may feel you’re losing at the position (without Big Ben),” Cowher said.

What Cowher Would Do with Steelers QB Situation

“Ideally, if I am sitting with Mike and Matt, I have Mitch Trubisky or Mason Rudolph be the guy because they’ve been through an entire NFL season. They know and understand the grinds of the National Football League, what the preparation is like, the different looks that you get. Ideally, you don’t put that kind of pressure on a young quarterback in Kenny Pickett. I think he’s going to be very good in the long-run, but bringing him in slowly and confidently is very important.”

“All of these things will play into the final decision, and I think by the third preseason game Mike and Matt Canada will make a decision on their starting quarterback,” Cowher concluded.

steelers, Cowher, qb situation, 2022

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Cowher shares the belief that most Steelers fans share: They don’t want to see Pickett rushed into the job and hinder his development. But at the same time, Trubisky has not been playing the best even with the first team. Rudolph has arguably been the best quarterback, but the idea of him getting moved before the season starts seems more likely.


What do you think, #SteelerNation? What should the Steelers do with their quarterback situation? Do you like Cowher’s idea? Do you think Pickett should start from the get-go if he is the best QB in the preseason? Let me know or in the comments or @anthonyravasio on Twitter.

I'm Anthony "Rav" Ravasio and I'm a Pittsburgh native currently at Arizona State University studying sports journalism. I attended North Catholic High School in Cranberry and grew up cheering for these Steelers the whole way through. In my spare time, I love to spend time with friends or family, as well as grow my knowledge for sports in many different ways! Follow me on Twitter @anthonyravasio



  1. AJ Wills

    August 4, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    I say go with the three through preseason if possible. See who steps up and earns the role they deserve. Personally not a fan on Rudolph but everyone deserves a chance. With that being said I really think Pickett has the potential to lead this team. He’s gonna mess up occasionally and that should be expected out of a young QB. Pickett is my pick and Trubisky off the bench

  2. bernie mccluskey

    August 5, 2022 at 1:30 am

    I would have no problem with mason at the helm

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